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  • Great hotel in a beautiful area
  • Fantastic place to have your princess nights !!
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  • La mejor experiencia/Best experience ever
  • A-Maz-Ing!
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  • Amazing trip during Thanksgiving week at Sansara!
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  • Just wow! Perfect ending for our honeymoon
  • The most special place we have ever stayed!!
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  • Beautiful - flowers,birds,breakfast
  • Favorite hotel in a favorite in a favorite location
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  • The place to go when in Bocas del Toro
  • This place is amazing!
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  • Wonderful couple made my stay memorable
  • Welcoming Hosts
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  • The Best Local Experience in Dolphin Bay
  • wonderful location and memories to last
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  • Another wonderful stay at Casa Lajagua!
  • The Feel Good Place.
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  • Stunning location, outstanding housing and wonderful people
  • Beautiful villas and wonderful people!
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