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  • “Pleasant guesthouse with pleasant people in the heart of Hongdae”
  • comfortable and safety home
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  • I will definitely revisit this hotel
  • Nice stay full of surprise
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  • Charming, great price and excellent location
  • Happy home for travelers in the heart of Hongdae!
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  • Chocolate Tree
  • Great staff, great location.
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  • Phenomenal hospitality in paradise!
  • Wonderful Experience and Super Host & Assistance
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  • Great
  • Nice Accomodation
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  • Wonderful experience for a family with small children
  • Friendly and funny host!
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  • Beautiful, historic home with modern amenities
  • Lovely Stay!
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  • Best place to stay for "budget travel"
  • Great stay at Boa Travel House
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  • An excellent and valuable guesthouse in Jeju
  • Cozy, friendly and very convenience
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