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  • Perfect
  • A wonderful visit to the Galil
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  • Weekend stay Shulamit Yard, Rosh Pina
  • A heart in Rosh Pina, Israel
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  • The Artist Colony Inn...The location...the owners...the accomodation, the breath taking views.... What a place!!!
  • THE very best place to stay in Safed!
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  • Great breakfast, super friendly service
  • Hate to say goodbye.
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  • Excellent Stay
  • Awesome place!
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  • Great Hideaway Great Hosts Amazing home
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  • Beautiful B&B in the heart of Tzfat
  • happy wife happy life
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  • Authentic Arab experience and convenience
  • Wonderful hotel
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  • A Tranquil Respite Away From the City
  • Excellent time
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  • Excellent place
  • A special and enjoyable place
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