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  • Great room, great food, great staff
  • Good Hotel & Very Accomordative
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  • Take me back to Casa Barabaru! Unpretentious bliss.
  • My 4 nights stay at Casa Barabaru was marvelous !
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  • Beautiful place, great reception
  • Very hospitable team. worthwhile activities
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  • One of the best personal service in the world!
  • Perfect Short Stay Hotel
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  • Great Home For Recreation and Rejuvenation!
  • The best place to stay on Dhigurah
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  • Great Place, People and Location
  • 👌🏻👍🏻
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  • Good Hotel in the Bustle of Male
  • Clean and friendly
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  • A little break in The Maldives
  • Family holiday on Maafushi - Maldives
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  • Amazing staff, value for money, nice location
  • Select with Confidence!!! Highly Recommended
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