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  • Beautiful place, beautifully run.
  • What shall i sag ... just perfect
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  • Awesome place to be and explore from
  • Best service in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
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  • Paradise !
  • Excellent hotel, relaxing spot
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  • Excellent service and very friendly staff! Great room and fun environment
  • Great 3 Star Hotel on the North West Coast
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  • a great spot to chill and have a good time
  • Awesome location and fully equipped kitchen made our tour
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  • Really comfortable - great vibe
  • Absolutely fabulous!
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  • Peaceful Retreat
  • A little oasis
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  • Our perfect wedding/honeymoon tropical island holiday
  • Excellent service, Excellent location, so relaxing
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  • Very nice location
  • Peaceful retreat
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  • Beyond perfection - a special place
  • A faboulous experience
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