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  • Roatan visit
  • Mr Andy
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  • Wonderful place to stay
  • Excellent Hospitality
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  • Awesome owners who share their B&B and dinner table
  • Wonderful place to stay to get away from it all!
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  • Came back for a second visit...
  • Lovely place to stay in the west end!
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  • Excellent location, Good price, Serene and Comfortable Accomodations
  • Best place to stay, if you're not a princess
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  • Hard Working Staff & Amazing Activities in Surrounding Areas
  • All round awesome
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  • 2nd time staying there. Great value and beautiful
  • Secluded and Beautiful Paradise
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  • Great mix of adventure and relaxing
  • Perfect Jungle Lodge!
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  • Very cute and quiet place to be
  • Bed and Breakfast
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  • A slice of calm in a beautiful setting...
  • A awesome place to stay
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