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  • 1x6 guesthouse is a very special place
  • Joining the chorus of praise :)
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  • The warm and welcoming owners make this a very special place. Also you get the most beautiful surroundings, nice clean rooms, homemade bread every morning.
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  • Beautiful accomodations
  • A Delighful Bed and Breakfast
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  • Lovely Guest House
  • Lovely!
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  • Hotel Rjukandi was A Lot of Sunshine on a Raining Day
  • Family Run - Family Pride
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  • Wonderful stay at Volcano Hotel near Vik, Iceland
  • Don’t misjudge small rural hotels!
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  • Great base for northern Iceland
  • Wonderful Icelandic Christmas Experience
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  • How is this only a 2.5 star accommodation?
  • Spectacular location and service
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  • Centrally located and beautiful
  • Fabulous location, great breakfast, wonderful room with private balcony!
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  • Great location, service and accomodations
  • Six stars for the 2-bedroom apartment
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