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  • Amazing place to relax and enjoy the countryside
  • Charming farm with alpacas and all kinds of animals
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  • A jewel 5 min from the castle/beach
  • Great location, lovely hostess, and comfy beds
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  • Amazing value for an incredible
  • A great surprise
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  • Cozy friendly luxury
  • Stunning Views & Food
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  • Fantastic stay exceeding all expectations
  • Fantastic food
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  • A nice and cosy hotel in Varberg
  • Nice hotel and staff giving real value for money...
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  • *excellent* centrally located pick for budget travelers
  • The most adorable welcome ever
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  • Great location, friendly and convenient - both for business and vacation
  • Nice
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  • Best choice when you are in Stockholm!!
  • Great Stay
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  • Romantic hotel in Swedish Tuscany
  • Basic, in the very best way.
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