Cape May is a four-season climate with hot summers and chilly winters. Although traditionally the summer pulls in the majority of tourists as Cape May is best known as a sea resort town; winter has its charm and Christmas can be a great time to visit as well. Festivals range throughout the year, making the city a vacation destination any month.

Summers in Cape May range around 80 degrees making it great for outdoor activities and swimming. It's without a doubt the busy season and the time when bars are liveliest. The best summer festival is the Cape May Music Festival in June.

Other great times to visit for festivals however are:

  • Cape May Jazz Festival takes place in November
  • Cape May Food and Wine Festival is in September
  • Atlantique City Spring festival is an annual event in March
  • Cape May Spring Festival (you can ring it in twice) is in April

Christmas in this historical, Victorian town, is a time many cherish. Yuletide cheer exists in an old-fashioned manner with carolers, performances, decorations, and trolley and carriage rides. Cape May Christmas Tours will help you organize your entire tour. The month of December also sees the Dickens Christmas Extrvaganza, which includes theatric performances.