With history as rich as in a city like Cape May, reading up on historical facts can really enhance a vacation here. One of America's oldest cities and the first sea resort town tells a tale through time of the first settlers to make home in America.

"The Summer City by the Sea: Cape May , New Jersey: An Illustrated History" by Emil R. Salvini depicts the beginning years of this tourist town, helping one to understand how it became the mecca it is today.

Along with history usually comes ghost stories of course! The old age of this city promote spooky stories. If this is your cup of tea, check out "Cape May Ghost Stories Book 1" by David J. Seibold or "The Ghosts of Cape May, Book 2" by Chris McManus. Along these lines "Cape May Court House: A Death in the Night" by Lawrence Schiller, a page turning court-case read.

"Cape May for All Seasons" by Mary T. McCarthy provides beautiful photography of the Victorian town with descriptive text of the city as it is spring, summer, winter, and fall.

If you're in need of a guide, you may wish to try Frommer's Guide to Atlantic City and Cape May.