Entering Azerbijan you would figure would be straight forward yet it isn't .Visa situations for obtaining tourist visas on Arrival in Baku Heydit Intl.Airport ceased as of 2010. Just about every citizen needs a visa to enter Azerbaijan. The costs of Tourist Visa is $131.00 USD good for 6 months single or multiple for U.S.Citizens obtaining an Azeri Visa in  the United States.You'll need a letter of Invitation from a hotel or travel agency in Azerbaijan that is registered with Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

       There may be a fee if you go thru an agency. You may also have to put down a deposit for the first night at a Baku Hotel before a personal visit in order to be sent an Invitation letter thru email attachment .Check with hotel you're staying at first. Once obtained then fill out paperwork to be sent. The easiest way is obtaining a Transit visa that good for one week from date of entry for $20.00 USD just have a form with photo with invitation letter then your set. Just remember it's good for a week from your date of entry.

      Do not have any previous visas or stamps in your passport from Nagorno Karbakh (Armenian occupied Azerbaijan) you'll be denied a visa from the consulate or embassy nearest you. It takes 5 working days to issue visa once on arrival for processing. You must have visa before arrival on hand .Be careful if you're of Armenian descent or Armenian born of another nationality, as you will be subject to being harrased or questioned in full or possibly detained on arrival. Citizens of Armenia are not allowed into Azerbaijan.