The civilized history of South Carolina dates back to the early 16th Century, when Spanish explorers landed on the coast.   Eventually they moved towards the center of the state and made permanent settlements.  The French attempted to move into the area, but failed on numerous occasions.

            During the 18th century, the area of present day South Carolina was made an English colony.  There were many problems in these early years, but after revolts and violent up rises, the area was made a royal province. 

            Rice was a profitable commodity in the Low Country Region during the mid 18th century and many Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and German settlers came to the area.

            Cotton Plantations in later years resulted in an influx of African slaves to the population.

            Over the years, the people of South Carolina, and the inhabitants of Charleston especially, played major roles in the many battles leading up to the formation of the United States.  Many battles were fought over South Carolina’s choice to be freed from British rule and opt for independence.

            South Carolina was made the eighth state of the United States of America in 1788. 

            The civil war brought many battles to South Carolina during the 1860’s, which continues to stir up emotion in the area today. 

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