Although Oregon has a well deserved reputation as a rainy destination, from about the end of June through September, the weather is reliably warm and dry throughout the state. 

Summer is the season to get out and enjoy the fast and fun jet boats!

There are three locations where you can enjoy this activity in Oregon, and one in far northwestern California.

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Gold Beach -

Located on the beautiful southern Oregon coast,  Gold Beach is where the Rogue River meets the sea.  Jerry's Rogue River Jet Boats offer three different exciting trips upriver, in varying lengths. The longer trips run from May 1st through either September 15th or 30th, and the shorter trip runs from May 1st through October 30.


Grants Pass

Inland from the southern coast, in the town of Grants Pass, Hellgate Jetboat Excursions  take visitors on  thrilling rides in the upper Rogue River which include lunch, brunch, dinner, whitewater or quick scenic tours. They run from May 1st to September 22nd, although the longer rides may end earlier if summer water levels are low.                                                   



With a dock located at the Oregon Museums of Science and Industry, Willamette Jet Boat Excursions offer a 1 hour ride June 14th to September 1st, and a 2 hour tour early May through the end of September, on the Willamette River. Sights include downtown, the shipyard and the falls. There are also lunch and dinner tours on certain days in July and August.

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Portland, Portland Spirit Explorer Tours provide exhilarating full day tours into the Columbia Gorge, including a trip through the locks. They offer special one-way 'bring your bike' opportunities on this trip.  For a shorter excursion, they offer a 1 hour ride on the Willamette River, showcasing Portland's bridges.


A few miles south of the Oregon / California border in Klamath:

Klamath, California is located on the Klamath River in the heart of the redwoods along the far northern California coast. The  Klamath River Jet Boat Tours allow visitors to explore the upper reaches of the Klamath River on a fast and thrilling ride. Tours are offered from about May 1st to September 15th, depending upon weather conditions and water levels. 


Enjoy the exciting jet boat rides!