Christchurch can be visited year-round, however trips during certain months can be much more enjoyable than others.

            Temperatures in Christchurch are never too extreme, but certain times of the year can get fairly cold.  The seasons in New Zealand (or any place in the southern hemisphere) are opposite of those in the northern hemisphere.  With this, the hottest times of the year are during the summer months of January, & February, during which time the high temperatures will climb to the high 70’s - mid 80's .  The coldest time of the year is during the winter months of June and July, during which time the temperatures will drop to the mid 30’s.  Although the winters are not extremely harsh temperature-wise, the days are noticeably short.  During June, the sun will rise around 8am and set around 5pm, leaving only nine hours of daylight. 

            Rain is a possibility year-round in Christchurch, but the winter months are generally more overcast than the summer months.  The rainiest month on average is May.

            For real time weather conditions and forecasts for Christchurch, including any severe weather warnings check out  For temperature and precipitation averages, scroll down to the Past Weather information on the page and select the 'Historical' tab.

            The events and festivals that are held annually in Christchurch are worth checking out before planning a trip.  For more information, visit Happenings in Christchurch.