(1.) Beautiful place with great scenery.

(2.) Go on the Grand tour for $99 well worth the money

(3.) Do not eat at the restaurant facing the beach in Sumner, lousy food and service

(4.) Weather is harsh, afternoon sun is always in your face, and temperatures can fluctuaute 10 Degree celsius in just 10 minutes

(5.) Due to lack of economic recovery, shopping is still pretty cheap, with many good buys, esp places like Briscoes 

(6.) The four big malls (Riccarton, Northland, Palms, Eastgate) are all pretty generic.

(7.) Dressmart here pales in comparison to Auckland and is very far from the City, variety is poor and products are costly - avoid at all costs

(8.) Take a trip out to Hamner Springs, Akaroa, the Ski slopes, or Mt Cook region well worth the money

(9.) For cheap and excellent eats, there is a Chinese Restaurant called Tung yi , and local cuisine cost about the same everywhere, 16 to 26 for a main course

(10.) Art Centre and Museum area definitely a MUST visit especially on Market day on Saturdays...

(11.) Hagley Park: Third largest park in the world defintiely a must visit

(12.) For those driving, other than Bangkok and Jakarta, the drivers here are sure aggressive, even the elderly folks

(13.) The casino: again of the many legal casinos visited worldwide, the one here has the lowest bets and its actually not difficult to win some change...