The City of Dunedin/Port Chalmers

1 1/2 hours south from Moeraki you descend upon Dunedin. Descend it does as it is built on several steep hills.

A University town built with a total Scottish flavour. Ample parking for buses/campers at the Railroad Station (built in 1906 of Oamaru Stone - fantastic architecture!).

Home to the world’s steepest street. A walk to the centre of the city at the Octagon where you can get the maps and information you need.

Good cafes everywhere. Dunedin has over 150 cafes and restaurant. Really recommend any using Supreme Coffee for your coffee break

Plenty to do in this city.The place you want to stay is at the Aaron Lodge Top Ten Holiday Park.Closest park to the cente of town. You can make all the arrangements for the activities in the city you wish to see. Check out the website:  .

 Like chocolate? The Cadbury Chocolate Factory is an easy walk from the Station. You can park across from it if you plan to do some grocery shopping. Speight's Brewery is only a couple of blocks from the Octagon on Rattray Street .

 The Public Art Gallery is right there on the Octagon. You may want to drive if you visit the Otago Museum and University about five blocks away but parking is always a problem.

One of the most exciting places in New Zealand for those who enjoy wildlife is on the Otago Peninsula with the Albatross Colony and the penguins.

Check out the website information below:

Port Chalmers -

Founded in 1844 it has been active in the history of New Zealand from the first shipment of frozen meat in 1882 from the natural deep water port to the boom times after the discovery of gold in Otago in 1861. Captain Scott’s expeditions of 1901 and 1911 left from Port Chalmers. Today it is a small community devoted to those early times showcasing the historic buildings now revamped to top quality shops for the many artists and crafts people who live and work here. Also good food and coffee at the Muscles Espresso.  It is a must go for anyone who enjoys an opportunity to be among the first to “find” a special place to visit. This community is just now opening up and its future will be fantastic for visitors to enjoy .

Two ways to get there. It is just 15 minutes (12kms) from Dunedin along the West Harbour. Another spectacular way is to come in from Waitati on Route One north of Dunedin down Blueskin Road. The back road entrance you might say.  Another good way to visit is by bus from Dunedin.  Stand Four on Cumberland Street every day but Sunday.