Timaru - 

From Winchester after turning right after leaving Geraldine on the left is a polo grounds where one may hit the right day to have a watch. In Temuku 7km down the road a person might just want to stop at the small shop on the left for a fresh fruit sundae. A New World Market is just ahead if you need supplies. Outside of Temuku on the Opihi River is a good place to park. As you travel around New Zealand most  big rivers all have a place to pull over and stop beside. Kiwis are great outdoors people and get out there when ever they can. Most rivers  have that access for them. Though you will notice, due to the lack of population, it is never crowded.

A very important part of Kiwi life is rugby (more a religion), racing and beer. There seems to be a race track at most places and here at the home of one of the most well known racing horses of all times. Phar Lap, is no exception in Timaru. For the golfers there also is no lack of golf clubs in the country. There were plans to point them out as one went along but there is so many they would be mentioned them very turn it seems. One will see the signs.

Now about Timaru. A friendly place to stop. Turn left to Caroline Bay at Te Weka Street and have a walk around. One of the nicest places on the island created for the people of Timaru and visitors. There is a place to park overnight just for camper vans. Turn left to the Port at Sefton Street. One will see the parking area for vans and buses. A person can also go to the main Marina just past this turnoff to buy fresh fish. Good town to get supplies and any work required. Continue on into town to the City Centre on Sophia Street. One can park if you go down Strathallan Street to where the train/bus station is in metered parking. A few blocks away on Elizabeth Street by the church is the Red  Rocket cafe for good food and coffee.

The place recommended to stay while in this area is the Timaru Top 10 Holiday Park.  Check out their website at: Timaru Top 10 Holiday Park