New Zealand is a very welcoming open minded and diverse country to visit.

New Zealand was rather late on the recognition of LGBT rights compared to most Western countries. Sexual activity between men was only decriminalised in August 1986 admidst the AIDS epidemic (sexual activity between women was never criminalised), and discrimination based on sexual orientation was only outlawed in February 1994. In December 2004, the Civil Union Act was passed to allow same-gender couples the same rights in partnership as hetrosexual couples, with the first civil unions taking place in April 2005. As of December 2012, a bill is before the New Zealand Parliament to legalise same-gender marriage.

New Zealand promotes itself as a 100% Pure destination to visit, this philosophy spreads much further than just the "clean green" nature feel of New Zealand, rather spreading to how New Zealanders live and work in their country of freedom and beauty. New Zealanders are very accepting of people from all walks of life! Welcome to New Zealand!

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