In Australia, the emergency call number is 000 . This number is a free call from any phone (including mobile/cell phones). You can connect to the police, fire brigade or ambulance by calling this number .

From a mobile (cell) phone, the International Emergency Number 112 will work on all networks and is connected to exactly the same service (000). This call can be made from ANY mobile - including a passerby if their phone is locked. Most mobiles will allow you to dial 112 and press send to be connected, regardless of if there is a SIM or valid network - it will try all networks available, one by one.

The emergency call should be answered almost straight away by a telephone operator - NOT always an emergency service worker. They will ask if you need to report a fire, need an ambulance or the police.

Once they've asked you that, they MAY ask for more information - your location (street address and directions TO that address), your condition, and a brief outline of the situation - they will then relay you to a more appropriate emergency service.

Generally, the phone operator who answered your call already know the number you are calling from and will not need that information (they are the only people allowed to bypass Caller ID blocking), although if you need to give them an alternate number (a mobile (cell) phone running out of batteries, for example), offer that information if you have time.


PLEASE NOTE:  The UK and American emergency numbers (999 and 911) will NOT generally work on Australian phones.