The city of Zaragoza is highly religious, and much of this is due to the annual Las Fiestas del Pilar, which celebrates the belief that there was a visit of the Virgin Mary to the city. Since then the festival has occurred each October and it remains a highlight for the community.

Likewise, Zaragoza is a city with a rich ethnic past, and the influences from the various cultures that dominated the region can still be seen. This includes old Roman influences, along with reminders of the Moorish past, including the nearby Aljaferia, the Moorish castle that was built to defend the city. It was also the setting selected by the composer Giuseppe Verdi for his opera Il Trovatore.

The old Roman city walls can still be seen in part of the city, while the La Seo Cathedral suggests the importance that the baroque style of architecture player during the renaissance.

In addition to the old city’s past, and almost as a contradiction to the strong Catholic faith, Zaragoza has a small but thriving gay and lesbian scene in the El Tubo part of town. Mixed in with tapas bars and other nightclubs are establishments geared toward the growing gay and lesbian community.