All of Zaragoza could be considered a hidden gem. Unlike many other Spanish cities, this one is not as well visited by tourists and as a result the city as a whole has an unspoiled charm to it. The city’s unique influences, which date back to Roman times make it a true delight for seeing diverse and interesting architecture.

From the classical to the fairly recent, the city is home to several building styles, including its 3rd century Roman walls that remain a top attraction. These imposing walls have stood for 17 centuries, and thanks to their fine construction they appear that they could stand for another 17!

Of course one of the most important places for the locals is the Basilica de Nuestra Senor del Pilar, which is the church where the annual festival of the Holy Virgin of Pilar is held. This baroque building was completed in the 17th century, while the later neoclassical main façade were added later.

The Cathedral de la Seo is the city’s gothic cathedral, and likewise features later improvements. As a result the 14th structure, which was build over an old Romanesque temple features designs that are also neoclassical, baroque and platersesque, and these styles many to compliment rather than contrast.

The city is also home to several churches, and this includes the Seo del Salvador, which is another building with marked designs. Originally built as a Moorish mosque it was transformed to a Christian church, and also features several later elements including Romanesque, Gothic, Mudejar and Plateresque styles.