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Llahuar-->San Juan de Chuccho w/ lunch in Sangalle - doable?

Planning a trek in Colca in August (no guide), and I'm wondering if this plan is doable:

Day 1 Cabanaconde --> Llahuar (we'll probably do this leg with mountain bikes to save our joints)

Day 2 Llahuar --> Sangalle (lunch and swim only) --> San Juan de Chuccho

Day 3 San Juan de Chuccho --> Cabanaconde

I've read so many remarks now about how touristy Sangalle is, so although a break for lunch and a dip in the pool sounds nice, I'm not sure I'd want to remain there the rest of the day/night - SJdC sounds much nicer for dinner and overnight. Can anyone offer feedback concerning this idea, particularly Day 2? We are two adults and two teens, reasonably fit and will be using this as a preparation for the Inca Trail (which we will begin 6 days after this trek ends), so it's okay if this route a bit challenging, I just want to be sure it isn't completely unreasonable.