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Craps stories please

Rogers, Arkansas
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Craps stories please

Leaving in 16 days . Share your craps stories !

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San Diego...
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1. Re: Craps stories please

A buddy of mine was sitting Box at the Horseshoe, back around 1993 or so, this was when it was unlimited action there. A guy goes on a roll for 45+ minutes using a hard press and takes the house for $1,200,000 million, he goes to my buddy and says, sorry you'll be looking for a new job. My buddy says, Nah, I'll comp you a room and dinner, and you will give it all back, or at least most of it. The next day the guy gave it all back.... Back in the day they didn't sweat the money like they do now....

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2. Re: Craps stories please

Golden Nugget maybe five years back. I’m at a $5 table playing the Pass Line. $5 Pass and $1 three-way craps. Some guy comes up and puts $500 on the Don’t Pass. I throw a 4 and take 2x odds. Mr. Wrong lays a $1,000 on his $500. I make my 4 right away.

Same thing next roll. Me: $5 Pass and $1 three-way craps. Mr. Wrong: $500 on the Don’t. I throw a 12 and get paid nice. For Mr. Wrong it’s a push. Just then some lady with two security guards comes up behind Mr. Wrong and she taps him—“Sir, you’re not allowed to play here.” Looking surprised, he snatches up his chips and they whisk him away.

The pit boss and boxman and dealers are all looking around saying—“What happened?” Then the pit boss goes over to a stack of pictures of banned players and the guy’s photo is right on top. Pit Boss—“Oh yeah, he’s not allowed to play here.”

Phoenix, Arizona
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3. Re: Craps stories please

There was a long-running TR, about a clogged toilet.

Does that count?


Lake in the Hills...
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4. Re: Craps stories please

While in Vegas for his bachelor party my husband called me early one morning still up and drunk on Vegas time telling me he couldn't marry me. What?! He said he wanted to marry a young man from Iowa.

Thankfully he was not switching sides and leaving me. The Iowa kid had rolled for an hour and brought my husband all the way back from 6 days of gambling to the positive and I believe a little up.

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5. Re: Craps stories please

That's very funny KatiJuce. I'd probably kiss a fella that did that for me lol, the Mrs. would understand :)

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6. Re: Craps stories please

My favorite story is the one where the guy has a $5 chip and ends up leaving with $500 or so. I've heard that one multiple times from different people. It's my favorite.

On a personal level I've had amazing session and bad sessions. I've had sessions where a shooter makes five or six points. I've had them where we make a point and immediately seven out multiple times. I've had sessions where I have $25 to $50 on the 4/10 and they consistently hit. I have sessions where I have all the numbers + odds I can have on come bets and they hit and also have lost them right away.

Evansville, IN
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7. Re: Craps stories please

In New Orleans, not Vegas, but...

I was standing around watching a craps game, not a clue what was happening. An older gentleman started talking to me. He convinced me to throw the dice and he put a dollar down and said if I won, it was mine. I walked away with $8, and didn't bet one cent of my money!

Hout Bay, South...
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8. Re: Craps stories please

Oh crap

Las Vegas, Nevada
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9. Re: Craps stories please

Your stories are really crap.

New York City, New...
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10. Re: Craps stories please

This is a post I wrote in June of 2013. The most fun I ever had at craps. Hope you enjoy the story.

"At least it was epic for me. I'm sure for many of you this isn't epic but for me it was.

I was staying at Aria last week with my wife and Thursday morning we go down to the pool hang out till a little after 2. We go up to the room and I take a quick shower. It was a very hot day and the wife wanted to take a quick nap. She told me to go down and have a few drinks and have fun and she would catch up to me later.

I wonder around for awhile and nothing caught my attention. Then I pass a craps table. When I left the room I threw 200 in my pocket because I didn't plan to be there long. Oh how that would change. I put the 200 on the table and get my chips. I start off just betting the pass line and odds. I win a little and start to bet some numbers also. I'm up I'm down but nothing much. The table was fun though so I stayed.

The wife actually finds me at 5. As she stands there the table starts to get hot and I mean hot. By 6 I'm more than holding my own. I have over 500 in the rack. Start to bet more and more numbers. Constantly tipping the dealers also. The table now was a lot of fun and very loud. Cocktail service was outstanding. Now it's getting a little late and we have tickets for Carrot Top for 8:30 and wanted to eat at Gordon Ramsey steak place. Like I said the table was now hot. no one rolled for an extreme amount of time but really no craps early. Always hit a few numbers.

I couldn't leave this table and the wife was ok with it. gotta love her. she never left me. The reason was I think that I was constantly throwing chips in her pocketbook. At the time I had no idea how much it was. To make a long story short we left the table a little after 10. I have never stayed at a table for over 7 straight hours. Hate to admit it but when I left I had more than a few too many drinks. Okay I was drunk. didn't mean to but it happened. Had no voice left. This was the most fun I ever had at a table in my life. I colored up and it was about a little over 1200. Not bad for a buy in of only 200.

What I forgot in my state was the chips in the wife's bag. We go upstairs and she dumps her contents of her bag on the bed. I almost crapped in my pants (pun intended) She had a little less than 2800 I think the exact amount was 2822. So for 200 buyin ended up with over 4,000. Like I said this was epic for me. Never in my dreams did I think this would ever happen to me.

Sorry I don't tell a good story but I hope you get the excitement at this table. Have to tell you the dealers were the best. If any of you would like to share a story would love to read it. Have any questions please ask. Gotta love Vegas."

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