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#1 Tip for Vegas ???

Letterkenny, Ireland
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#1 Tip for Vegas ???

You are only allowed to give a person one piece of advice for Vegas. What is it? A show you must see, a bar you must visit, a way to save money, something you must do etc.

If you were giving a Vegas virgin one tip for whilst in Vegas, What would it be.

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Vista, California
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81. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

"Damn right I would. With the appropriate bankroll."

You do realize that's not the same, thing as "Always put full odds behind your pass line bet"? You've now thrown in a qualifier.

Lahaina, Hawaii
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82. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

FL: If you pick the most extreme example in an attempt to disprove the entire supposition you're engaging in sophistry.

There may be one table among the hundreds of craps tables in Las Vegas that may or may not offer 100x odds, and you would use that to refute the advice that the best bet in the casino is the odds bet in craps, and the best strategy in craps is to always place full odds?

Here's another #1 tip: Choose your gambling tables that offer table limits that work for your bankroll, and then always back up your pass line bet with full odds.

On a $5 table that's $15 on 4 & 10; $20 on $5 & 9; $25 on 6 & 8.

Is that too rich for your blood?

El Cortez lets you back up every number with 10x odds. $3 minimum pass line bet. Best game in town.

I shot craps with Pete Coors - recognized him from his beer commercials - at Main Street Station, backing up a red chip with a black one.

That's my tip. Not yours. You no likee? No usee.

Naples, Florida
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83. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

Can this thread get more sickening?

Lahaina, Hawaii
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84. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

Yeah. Sure. It can get more sickening. Any thread can.

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85. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

You know it can!

Kaukau, try not to be too clever with words. You either don't understand or have purposely misused the word 'sophistry' in an attempt to bluff past FLW's accurate comment in post 81.

Lahaina, Hawaii
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86. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

Sophistry: The use of fallacious argument with the intent to deceive.

That's exactly what FL did by using an extreme example to disclaim my tip.

Lots of folks gave comfortable shoes as their #1 tip. Good tip, but fairly banal. I chose a well known gambling tip. A fellow member chose to dispute it. That's his option.

It's very common to advise craps players to always play max odds.

I could have advised "Don't play blackjack on the Strip. Black jacks pay 6:5. Play Blackjack Downtown. Pays 3:2."

I'm sure someone could argue the validity of that as well.

Edited: 06 September 2018, 13:54
New Mexico
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87. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

I suggest we continue until we're all subdued by debilitating nausea..I could interject some green chili comments..turnip cuisine recipes,etc..to hasten the process..anything to help, etc....

Assuming the OP obtained answers previously, etc...

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88. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

Always put aside money for your trip home - sucks being broke heading home.

Lahaina, Hawaii
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89. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

Asserting that a 100x odds table in Vegas invalidates the advice to always place max odds at craps at all the other tables is as ridiculous as asserting that going to dinner and then a nightclub invalidates the advice to wear shoes that are comfortable for walking.

Is it necessary to always provide caveats such as "when your bankroll allows" or "unless you want to look elegant or sexy" to avoid getting into a pissing match?

Reedsburg, Wisconsin
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90. Re: #1 Tip for Vegas ???

Get up early in the morning and walk the strip while it is not crowded. Visit the Bellagio Conservitory at that time. It is awesome to be able to look around with few people....the Cosmopolitan also has some great areas to walk through. My sister and I do this at least once every time we are in Vegas. Love it!

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