Greyhound DiscoveryPass alternative

If you are a tourist who reach e. g. by plane and want to travel through USA with public transportations, there was one way by using DiscoveryPass from Greyhound and travel with bus.

The prices were

7 day pass $289

15 day pass $433

30 day pass $577

60 day pass $722…

It's not available anymore, but Amtrak uses something familiar: Amtrak USA Rail Passes

The prices are

15 Days (8 segments)

$459.00 - Adult

$229.50 - Child (Ages 2-12)

30 Days (12 segments)

$689.00 - Adult

$344.50 - Child (Ages 2-12)

45 Days (18 segments)

$899.00 - Adult

$449.50 - Child (Ages 2-12)

it's about 20 % more expensive, but it's an alternative, it's faster and has a good service.


what else are the alternatives? of course you can by travel like you pay only that route you want to travel. but you need to plan a lot, also you can reserve your seat.