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Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

Dublin, Ireland
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Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

Just a warning for anyone booking apartments on airbnb. The owners can cancel without penalty. I had a confirmed booking with my credit card charged and money gone from my bank. I had messaged the owner a few times and all was in order.

Then she heard she could charge even more so she has just cancelled my confirmed booking.

There was a 50% cancellation charge on my booking if I cancelled for any reason but the owners can cancel without any penalty or fee. Seems like a disgrace to me. I am totally livid.

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121. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

We have suffered from an Airbnb cancellation 2 days before an international arrival. The booking had been made 5 months in advance. Airbnb made a feeble attempt to find an alternative but their options were completely different from the type and location of our original property

They eventually refunded our money but we were still several hundred out of pocket as last-minute bookings simple cost more than those made far in advance

We requested the Airbnb cover our losses for the breach of contract. They cited this host penalty nonsense. Any penalty, by the way, goes in Airbnb's pocket, not to the guest who suffered the loss. As for blocking the dates, this, again, does not help the out-of-pocket guest and it is easily circumvented by dealing with an Airbnb competitor or taking a direct booking

In our case, Airbnb accepted the host's excuse but would not share it with us; request for proof were denied. With a little detective work(asking neighbours, checking the local obits), I discovered that the excuse (death in the family) was bogus and that, despite a claim that there were pulling the property from Airbnb 'for emotional reasons', they were accepting guests a few days later

Airbnb is very reluctant to communicate, hiding email addresses, postal addresses, etc. So, I decided to make a claim in a UK Small Claims Court. When I asked Airbnb where I should post the papers they told me San Francisco, where, of course, UK courts have no jurisdiction. Eventually they said I could send it to Dublln, but the same problem applies. They have not replied to me since

What a shady outfit. They have clearly grown more arrogant with their size. We shall see if there is any justice left for David, or does Goliath triumph

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122. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

Also suffered at the hands of AirBNB's disregard for the inconvenience of their hosts cancelling. Had booked an apartment for May this year in November last year as we are going to comicon. Host cancelled and it cost us almost £400 more due to everything being booked. My son is enroute to Paris (going to Disney first) then on to an apartment - the host cancelled at 7am this morning stating that as their is a train strike his plans have changed. Had to pay another £200 for a more expensive place Thankfully I was at home to so able to find him an alternative as AirBNB couldn't give a monkeys.

In all this year I have incurred an extra £600 in accommodation costs due to hosts being able to cancel bookings.

I have now lost all confidence in AirBNB. The last thing you want when you are booking a holiday is to worry that at a moments notice your booking will be cancelled nevermind the additional expense.

Salta, Argentina
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123. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

Just had an AirBnb cancelling my trip that I had booked a while ago. No reason. Now what do I do? This is a fraud . I can't even give them a bad review


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124. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling


Philadelphia, PA
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125. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

Same thing happened to me. I rented a Times Square (new york city) apartment from host Andrea and Alex and they cancelled it just 3 weeks prior to check in date, with no explanation. I got the full refund. But it left me in bad situation. Please beware of these lousy hosts.

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126. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

Yep we too had a cancelation 24 hours prior to our arrival in Waikiki, Hawaii.... Not only did we pay an additional cost to rebook in the same area we did not have parking as the previous booking and the new place has no parking urgg .... So in addition to paying more we had to ensure the hassle to trying to find parking the 5 days that we were there ..... I don't think we would risk it again booking thru Airbnb .... This was our first time booking thru Airbnb ....

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127. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

Yes we just had the same thing happen on a booking in Barcelona. Thinking of dumping airbnb after having used them with no problems on 10+bookings

Makati, Philippines
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128. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling



Re: Booked from Sep 19-21, 2018 (2 nights) - Fully Paid in advance

**I can provide screenshot of our conversation since the day I inquired until she did not reply anymore as my proof and reference whoever wants to ask further details and honest feedback.

It is A fake news, Fake attitude. Fake wifi. Fake everything.

I am very particular of the room’s internet speed test ( like 20 mbps up). So when I looked for a place to stay in, I make sure I was able to ask this concern in advance. I happened to find a condo @Venice Mckinley Hill, Upper McKinley Road 5B Tower 2 Viceroy building Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines under the assistance of “Grace” since it’s very near and I thought it’s cozy and Grace assured me that their NET SPEED is 20mbps. So in short I booked it right away and closed the deal.

Sep 19, 2018 - When I went to the hotel for check in, it was already pass 8 pm and Grace told me that someone had already checked in the unit and she thought it was me/us whom she had closed the deal with. How did that happen? There was a voucher, right? That was very inefficient and I was very disappointed for that issue. Grace tried to resolve the issue and transferred me to another hotel/s under Ruben's name, but it was not the hotel I was expecting, the place was already old, smelly and basically NO INTERNET SIGNAL at all.

So that night they transferred me again to another place and stayed there since it was already almost midnight. I talked to Grace and asked for a refund. She did not agree but she offered a discount of P 300.00 on that day.

Sep 20, 2018 - I went back to our originally booked place at 5 pm under Grace and the worst part was, the internet speed was less than of that .001 Mbps. The room was also not the way I expected it. I was really trying to compose myself. Of all the hassles that I experienced. It’s really maddening.

Due to all the inconveniences that I experienced, I talked to Grace that I will not just avail the room and will find another hotel to book in and that she needed to REFUND the 1 day that had not been consumed. She agreed. I was coordinating all the details to her. However, she was no longer giving feedback and she already blocked my numbers.

Given her attitude of dealing with me, I reported her to AirBNB Customer Care and I am doing this review so anyone who’ll get in touch with her must be warned.

Until now, I am waiting for my refund.




129. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

It's probable the host got a better offer from another site.

130. Re: Airbnb warning - owners cancelling

It's quite likely the host got a better offer from another site.

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