From Jericoacoara to Sao Luis


I will travel to Brazil in early August and I would like to have some information on the means of transport between Jericoacoara and Sao Luis.

I am planning to leave from Jericoacoara on Tuesday morning and I would like to arrive in Sao Luis on Friday night/Saturday morning of the same week. The Delta of Parnaíba and Lençóis Maranhenses (sleeping in Barreirinhas or Atins?) are essential stops.

First, do you think this route is possible in 4/5 days?

I read that from Jericoacoara there are 4x4 connection to Camocim (frequency?!) and from there, there are some buses to Parnaíba (frequency en time??). Then, from Barrairinhas to Sao Luis? I might book the buses in advance?

I would be extremely grateful if you could suggest me some bus companies and reliable and cheap agencies when bus is not available or convenient.

I await your advice!

Thanks so much for your help