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Safety with kids

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Safety with kids

Hello this sounds really pathetic but maybe Im naive. My husband and I and two young children are going to Phuket for the first time ever in April this year. I can't wait but friends are telling me that im silly taking my children due to tropical illness and child snatchings. I understand they could get an upset tummy if Im not careful but child snatchings??? I haven't read anywhere that suggests Phuket is dangerous for child snatchings. Can someone or people ease my anxiety please?

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1. Re: Safety with kids

The last post is on behalf of a friend who isn't a member of Triadvisor. I have tried to point her in the right direction and tell her she is silly thinking that but she wants other persons opinions. Im embarrassed to even post this to be honest.

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2. Re: Safety with kids

I would not be at all concerned!! Thai people are very family orientated. I have never heard of this happening. I think Phuket is a great place for a family holiday

As for tropical illness, Its call aeroguard!!!! Or similar and use it. The only time anyoner in our group have been sick I am positive it came from the plane trip.

As with any SE asian country, you take precautions, like not drinking the water, but again, you can get ill anywhere


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3. Re: Safety with kids


tell your friend to stop worrying, we have taken our 3yo son twice to Phuket & once to Bangkok & seriously there is nothing to worry about, i havent heard of child abductions happening there.

Just make sure you drink bottled water only, wear insect repellant & if you want you can take your child to the docs to get Hep A & B shots, it really is your choice. We took our son to the docs for his needles "just in case" but seriously Phuket is a place to have fun & enjoy the sights, food & people.

It truly is a magnificent place.

Good luck with your planning & have fun

Mr & Mrs Vinny

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4. Re: Safety with kids

Hi There,

Don't be worried at all, it is the best place to holiday with children we went in July with our two year old, 12 and 14 year old, the biggest worry we had was how many times our little 2 year old got kissed the thai ladies loved him he blonde haired, and big brown eyes he loved all the attention.

Not one of us got ill and the boys ate thai food the whole time, the only thing that happened with our two year old was a heat rash we went straight to the pharmacy and the English speaking pharmacist had a look at him and gave us some cream and it cleared it up straight away.

The thai people love children and you will have a fabulous time!



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5. Re: Safety with kids

Time and time again when people ask me about travelling to Phuket I tell them how safe I feel. My children have been to Phuket twice and just love it! Both are rather shy but come to life in Thailand. I have found the Thai people to be kind, gentle and very patient with children.

Anywhere you go in the world you need to be practical about your own and your families safety and health. Just use common sense.

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6. Re: Safety with kids

We have just arrived home this morning from our first visit with our little 22 month princess the Thai people loved her and she also loved te attention we had her out at all hours enjoying all the nite life and events.

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7. Re: Safety with kids

Child snatching?? LOL I'm sure its more likely to happen at home then thailand.

BTW - no reports of children gone missing that I can ever recall.

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8. Re: Safety with kids

Thanks to those that responded. I will show my friend these resposes when i get to work. I have also been with my children and i even showed her photos of how much my kids loved it. The only people that tell of these stories of such things such as child snatchings etc... Are the ones that haven't been over and experienced the hospitality and sat at home watching too many movies! Thanks again ....

Mindarie, Australia
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9. Re: Safety with kids

i totally agree with everyone else we took our three year old in 1994 wow a long time ago the thai people were fantastic with him and he had a ball the in 1999 we had an 18month old and we couldnt walk down the street without lots of cuddles and kisses from the thai girls everone was wonderful patong is a beautiful place you feel so safe there isnt that why everyone calls is LOS

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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10. Re: Safety with kids

Been in Thailand with 3 kids, the youngest were only 10 months old, there has been realy no problems at all. The Thais realy love young children and as it was said before the bigest problem was touching my youngests son long blond hair. Just be relaxes and enjoy your holiday.

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