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Safety on Motorcycles

Sydney, Australia
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Safety on Motorcycles

Hi All,

Me and my wife will be visiting Patong in another 35 days and are planning to hire a Honda Shadow 250 cc or a Kawasaki Ninja 250 cc for a half day trip from Patong to Phromthep Cape.We are planning to visit Karon beach, Kata Beach, Kata Viewpoint enroute. I have heard a lot about the erratic riding and driving there, but would really like to know if it will be risky on the beach side road for two of us having a combined weight of 160 kgs. I am a seasoned rider and have ridden all from 250 cc cruisers to 1000 cc superbikes. Also, will it be safe to ride back in the night from Phromthep to Patong after watching the sunset and having some chit chat at the cafe there?

Bangkok, Thailand
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1. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

The words "safety" and "Motorcycle" are an oxymoron as far as Thailand is concerned. While you might be an experienced rider, you have little or no experience on Thai roads where safety and rules of the road are almost non-existent. Motorcycles are involved in more than 70% of all accidents, and its probably not you but the idiot coming out of a side road at full speed without looking, or the 6 wheeler barreling along the wrong side of the road....

Cars are much safer, especially when a local driver adds little to the cost.

If you do hire a m/c read the Top Questions on the right about license requirements as its important.

Toronto, Canada
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2. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

I've only seen 110 or 125cc bikes available for rent. You likely will have to go to a specialized store (if there is any) to rent a more powerful one.

As said, the local driving habit is probably not what you are used to.

The road between the cape and Patong is quieter. But as you get into Patong, it can get chaotic with cars, motorbikes and pedestrians.

Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

Hi kutepanda,

I am sure there are big bikes as well, I got these two links online:



Not sure about their authencity and availability though!

Just a question,

During the night is it safe to ride from Cape to Patong? I mean are there any mugging or such kind of things?

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4. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

Whilst I would agree that you defo need to take caution. The road from Patong down to Phromthep is a very nice ride and the roads are quiet.

You will easily be able to find a bigger bike around Patong but I'm not sure you'll need to. I've done the same ride many times on a Honda Click 125cc with no problems.

Make sure your travel insurance covers you for the extra CC...last time I checked mine the cover was up to a limit of 150CC


New Milton, United...
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5. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

i tend to follow older thais riding their bikes , they are used to the roads and style of riding

keep in with them , just potter along

no need for a bike bigger than 125cc or so really

read the faq,s at the top of the page btw

Sydney, Australia
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6. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

Agrees with Toddmeister....We rode from Kata to Patong heaps late at night with no problemos....So from Phromthep to Patong...No worries tho' a great ride in the tropical moonlight....

I've never heard of anybody getting mugged,tho' I have known of muggings whilst you're drunk.....That can and did happen...Not to me but a friend...

There are larger capacity bikes on the beachfront but they don't seem to have a nice reputation.....

I would go see and talk to Nicky at Nicky's Handlebar on Rhat-U-Thit Road and ask him to recommend a good big bike renter....But be ever mindful of the insurance cover....

I always rent a 125cc...It's enough for me and my gal at 130 kgs....Remember a whole Thai family of 5 can a Honda 125cc fit and carry...

Newcastle, Australia
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7. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

I have been there twice, am 120 odd kilos and used little bikes they were good enough.

Main rules I followed was to go with the traffic in the towns, have a look around enjoy yourself even if it's mostly at little more than walking pace.

Make your way through traffic at lights and take off quickly till you catch the traffic again.

Out on the open often winding and steep roads fasten up no need to go extremely fast as roads mainly not built for speed.

Take the time to look around it's really great and time means little getting back safe is paramount .

My observations are that I would never drive a car there, there are too many of those motorcycle riders and they are mostly crazy, I recon I would run over many in a car.

Riding a mo ped type bike is in my opinion very safe around the towns and countryside if and only if you don't do anything crazy yourself.

Take your time, enjoy the scenery. What's 5 minutes in your life.

Enjoy I did.

Poulton Le Fylde...
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for Khao Lak, Khao Sok National Park
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8. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

"My observations are that I would never drive a car there" - I'd far sooner have tin around me than just on my head in the event of an accident.

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9. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

Im with you Alan, we ride (big bikes) and drive in Thailand but have to say I prefer the car and the bigger the better.


Phuket, Thailand
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10. Re: Safety on Motorcycles

I am with #5 who wrote: i tend to follow older thais riding their bikes

They drive very slow and stay off to the left. There are some pretty old guys driving around the island using that method, I would guess that it works.

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