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JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Perth, Australia
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JBR Part 4 : Sanur

To finish the trip we had 6 nights in Sanur.

We booked both parts of the Bumi Ayu Villa via Agoda. This set up is for a two bedroom upstairs/downstairs building and a large open living area with a separate enclosed tv room, plus a self contained one bedroom with sleeping upstairs and small but comfy kitchen living downstairs.

This villa also had a great swimming pool in the sun all day, and came with two pushbikes. Its an absolute bargain. We loved the owners, Roy and Kadek, and saw them heaps out and about during the week. The villa is centrally located and you walk out onto the main st between Oasis Hotel and Maison Aurelia.

The boys kept themselves busy watching dvd's, using the good wifi and playing volleyball in the pool (they made a net from shopping bags, it was very funny Balinese style recycling). They ate heaps from the small warungs in the gangs near the villa. We did all our drinks shopping from the jam packed local warung near the villa (got our petrol, beer, soft drinks, snacks, eggs, instant coffee etc there) and felt like part of the local village by the time we left.

We had a few meals on the beach, Mangos average, Benno's good. We ate about 4-5 times at Lila Warung, just loved it. The perfect menu to pls everyone and really cheap for the food quality. breakfast was yummy there too. We had a good feed at Little Coconut but preferred Lila.

The highlight of Sanur was probably our 'tour' of Taman festival, the abandoned theme park north of Inna Sindhu. I had been before, but this time there were a few unkept dodgy looking characters out the front manning the decaying ticket booth. I was happy to chuck them $5 to get the 'tour' started. To be honest, our tour guide was fantastic, I had missed half of the abandoned buildings when I walked through on my own. We saw the 'Olympic' 7 lane pool, the old water slides, the Lazy River, the huge lake structure from where the pyrotechnic show was to take place, the theatres, the huge elaborate cultural performance stages,the animal enclosures, and a moving memorial to the victims of two plane crashes (one in the 70's and one earlier and there were plenty of Aussies listed). The complaining teenagers actually enjoyed it. Of course Hank went ahead against advice and fell into a hole in the dark movie theatre and added to his leg scar collection. We got the number of a Bemo driver and called him to come collect all 7 of us from the villa and chauffeur haha us to the theme park. It was a fun way to travel with plenty of fresh air.

From Sanur we also spent a morning at Hyper Mart/Bali Mall Galleria and I got some good cheap work clothes from H & M, Ian got some jeans from Matahari, boys got J Co Donuts.

Other stuff: what's going on with Hardy's??? heaps of empty shelves, no tonic!!!!???? Loved Bread basket, swam at Sindhu beach, didn't get to try Soul on the Beach but looked great- it was closed for full moon festival when we were there.

Spa treatments: had a few great treatments at Koa, love the shop there too. On our last day Knickers and I had a two and a half hour deluxe pamper sesh...in loud tropical rain...very special. Went to a few cheap spas, had a scrub upstairs and showered off in a dodgy toilet/shower cubicle with no hot water and a really slimy bath mat...but the scrub was great and it only cost $8. Had my last pedi at Carla Spa - cheap and friendly and good quality polish.

And still no eruption from Agung! We left all our masks behind, but the villa drivers had NO idea what they were for. However they absolutely raided the fridge and took all the left over food, beer etc.

AS soon as we were home, I started calling it "My Best Ever Bali Trip " . Think its my 23 rd time to Bali, and can't wait for my next best ever for Xmas and NYE. Thx for reading and thx TA people for all the advice and sharing over the years.

Narangba, Australia
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1. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Thanks for sharing. Good infor re Sanur as we plan on staying there next time.

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2. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Thx Nat, really enjoyed your JBR's. I'll be I Bali in 10 days and also again next June so info on Sanur is great. Thanks again.😎

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3. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Good review.

We were in Sanur in the first week of October too.

Unbelievable about Hank! He has made me feel better.

I also fell down a hole in the old dark Turbo Theatre. Three stitches in my lower leg and slightly cracked lower ribs... which are still sore.

I was in agony as I rode the pushbike back along the highway, blood streaming down my shin and feet, groaning at every bump, people & police waving me through intersections.

Still, I only have myself to blame, and I have a long dinner table story which I have made maximum use, lol!

Warning to everyone... BE CAREFUL at this place.

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4. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Thanks Nat! Always great to read your entertaining reports.

How awesome that you only have a couple of months til you are back.

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5. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Hardys Supermarket is a good example of how to turn a good thing into a bad thing.

Previous owner went broke due to a dodgy property deal so Hardys has been purchased by a foreigner who has no idea how to run a supermarket let alone how to cater to tourists.

The suppliers also avoid them like the plague so only some local suppliers supply the supermarket with mostly only local brands and products.

Until this mess is sorted out tourists should shop elsewhere such at one of the marts: Popular or Coco Mart.

They cater to tourist's needs.

Perth, Australia
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6. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

I've loved your holiday . See you at Xmas ..! What area will you be staying ?

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Kimnong, Hank now feels better too! I did mean to write into that JBR that people (young and old) should take torches to Taman Festival.

Balirunner, thx for explaining the Hardy's saga. We did end up going to Popular for some cooking ingredients, Hank made us pork mince burgers one night. (much cheaper than beef)

And Bugs Bunney, so nice to hear from you . The family Xmas/NYE best Bali trip ever will be : Sanur 3 nights, Ubud 2 nights, Candidasa 4 nights for Xmas, Seminyak 7 nights for NYE.

Where will the Bunney's be?

Perth, Australia
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8. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Great stuff Nat , missed you by a week ,many familiar mentions of Sanur , I celebrated my birthday with all my family in Sanur.

You were staying in a good part of Sanur , we went to Soul on the Beach and it was very good , couple of years ago I hired a bike and did my own tour of Taman festival , there was a couple having their wedding pics done there...bit bizarre , yes that abandoned theatre is a little dangerous.

Good to know now whats going on at Hardys , there was hardly any cool drink when I visited too....

Albany Creek...
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9. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Hi Natalie, I've only just got back onto the Bali forum as a friend and I are heading over for a "running away from husbands and work" week in Feb. Loved your JBR of Sanur as only yesterday we decided we'd start with a couple of days there then head to Ubud and finish in Legian.

Can you please send me the details of your Bemo driver in Sanur as going to the Taman Festival is on the list and how long does it take to get there? Also details of the Villa you stayed in - is it suitable for just 2 ladies to stay there?

I'll now go searching for your other JBRs, make a coffee and enjoy the read!

Perth, Australia
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10. Re: JBR Part 4 : Sanur

Hi Dotfamily,

A husband free trip sounds like fun!

Bemo driver: Ngurah Sumardika 081 916 298 006

Negotiate the price before you leave. I left it to John and he paid too much ($20) we spent about an hour at the park and it only takes 5-10 mins to get there. For 7 os us I had said to give him $10-$15, still generous. But whats $5 once you are back home? You can ride there on bikes in about 20 mins from central Sanur. Just head north on the bike path and you can't miss it. You see the big iron roof arch structure of one of the buildings from Sindhu beach. Don't forget your torch (phone torch worked well) . The rough looking dudes at the front only want 10,000 per person for the 'tour'. I was a bit mean at first, saying 'I didn't have to pay last time...it should be free..." Then the half dressed guy says he is from the mountain village and has to leave his home because of the volcano...(actually heard that story quite a lot and how can you NOT put your hand in your wallet????)

Villa Bumi Ayu is on Agoda. Yes its suitable for 2 ladies and well priced, but then you could have strangers in the one bedroom apartment and the pool is shared amongst both parts of the villa. I liked it because we booked the entire complex (the 2 bedroom and the one bedroom). You can book the entire thing for less than $200 a night. If you are looking for a great hotel , I can recommend the Maison Aurelia, about $100 a night. The boys have insisted that we stay on the beach in December, so we are going back to Inna Sindhu. Its cheap and has balinese charm. For two ladies , 2 interconnecting Junior Suites would be very spacious, you get an extra lounge room between the rooms. Just ideas incase you are still thinking about accom. Enjoy the planning and Bali dreaming of your Feb trip.