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Safety in Thailand

Detroit, Michigan
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Safety in Thailand

My fiance and I were very much set on going to Thailand for our honeymoon in August next year, until we saw an agent (or two) who told us to avoid Thailand because of safety. The British foreign office also suggests its citizens do not travel to Thailand unless it is absolutely a must.

Can someone point in the right direction, here? Yes, I have read about political issues but it doesn't seem like anyone is stopping going to Thailand, in fact I know people going there in the next few months.

I read it has a 'high terrorism threat', which I take with a big grain of salt. Any place can be problematic, which I realize.

Do you have any safety tips or suggestions in general with this issue for two people who usually never stray far from resorts and safe areas? Is this something we should be concerned about? I doubt it but I wonder why this is.

Melbourne, Australia
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1. Re: Safety in Thailand

That's rubbish!! True there are some areas of Thailand that you should travel to but you will be fine in koh samui!!!

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2. Re: Safety in Thailand

Actually, if you read the advice they say;

"We advise against all but essential travel to the provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla on the Thai-Malaysia border.  On 31 March there were explosions in these provinces.  A suspected car bomb killed at least four people and injured around 300 at the Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel in Hat Yai, Songkhla province.  A further three bomb explosions in Yala's town centre killed at least nine people and injured over 100.  One person was injured by an explosion in Pattani"

They are referring to the border area in the south which is almost entirely off the tourist radar and geographically a bloody long way away.

So back to reality, be alert, not alarmed, and pay attention to the factors that you can control.

A good starting point are these three traveller articles, click the links and have a good read;




Look for advice on which areas to visit, depending on what it is you want to see/do, during the intermittently rainy August period. Remember Thailand has a lot more to offer than indealic beaches. Don't miss your chance to see why so many people keep coming back Thailand, irrespective of the season.

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3. Re: Safety in Thailand

I do wish agents would do their homework and not just jump on the collective bandwagaon - do these people actually ever travel to the countries they are supposed to be selling as holiday destinations?!

There was a warning put out about travel to Thailand a couple of years ago when there was political unrest and there were troubles in Bangkok, but that has been over for a very long time, apart from that as Fourb2 says, the deep south is still a problem area, but Koh Samui - no way.

Bangkok, Thailand
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4. Re: Safety in Thailand

The agents also were likely looking for higher commission payment for selling other destinations. The garbage they spout is one good reason to make your own travel arrangemrnts and save yourself a deal of cash. Also, its easy enough for you to check the FCO website for travel warnings - use some common sense, some countries carry travel warnings about the UK.

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5. Re: Safety in Thailand


What a load of rot . . . the UK F&CO advises against travel to a few areas fco.gov.uk/en/… but not to Samui!

Travel agents normally have about as much knowledge as this . yes a full stop!

Samui is calm and relaxed!

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6. Re: Safety in Thailand

I actually wondered if the post was a hoax as I can't believe a travel agent would be giving such stupid advice to people. Dump the travel agent and book individually, you'll save a lot of money.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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7. Re: Safety in Thailand

Gee, some people and the crap they spread for a dollar. Stay away from the areas in the south already mentioned and you will not have an issue.

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8. Re: Safety in Thailand


Yes find the new agent ( or do it yourself). If use the agent tell him/her where and what you want not other way round.

Harbin, China
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9. Re: Safety in Thailand

Find a new agent and resist any attempts to send you anywhere other than your chosen destination.

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: Safety in Thailand

Fourb2's post reflects the advice that the Australian government gives its citizens and that's probably fairly accurate. Avoid the southern mainland provinces. Make sure you read up on tourist scams before you go, but these are mainly designed to take your money, not your life!

I was on Samui recently and never felt unsafe. The bigger threat probably comes from fellow tourists who have drunk too much alcohol and don't understand their behaviour is frowned upon by the Thais.

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