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Safety Concerns

Central New Jersey
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Safety Concerns

My friend and I are planning trip to Thailand for early 2014. When I mentioned this to my father he seemed overly concerned about safety risks there and even mentioned something about capturing tourists as slaves. I have read information on the travel.state.gov and other websites about safety concerns. It seems the most obvious concern is to stay out of the southern regions bordering Malaysia and a few towns on the border of Cambodia and Burma due to terrorist activities and border conflicts.

Overall I am looking to feel secure about making my travel arrangements. I must admit, I am a little shaken up and now hesitant to proceed with making trip plans. From your experiences, is Thailand safe to go to? What should I be most cautious of?

Brisbane, Australia
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1. Re: Safety Concerns

Thailand is safe to go. Just stay away from the areas your government website has advised, as there's a bit of civil unrest there. Plenty of great other places to visit though! You're as safe in Thailand as in any other country, just use the same precautions you would anywhere in relation to your safety and to the safety of your belongings. :) Have a great time!

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2. Re: Safety Concerns

Are you the kind that 1) get stupid drunk 2) get stupid drunk and wander around on your own 3) get stupid drunk and enjoy going down dark unlit streets 4) enjoy experimenting with assorted chemicals 5) feel that as a tourist you are untouchable/invincible and go around being an 4ss? If yes to any of those, YES it is dangerous.

Otherwise use the same precautions you would use in Jersey and you will be fine.

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3. Re: Safety Concerns

'capturing tourists as slaves' - only if they have blonde hair.

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4. Re: Safety Concerns

Thalinad is safe and the most important is that you have to keep your own safety.


Bangkok, Thailand
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5. Re: Safety Concerns

Are you sure your father was serious about "catching slaves..."? Cant believe he was.

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6. Re: Safety Concerns

I also think he must have been pulling your leg, Thailand is perfectly safe if it wasn't all of here would'nt keep going back.

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: Safety Concerns

Stephanie, your question is the second that I've recently read regarding the capturing of tourists for slavery. I don't know where this is coming from.

I'm a 59 year old woman who has travelled alone to several countries in Asia and I make all my own arrangements (no group tours). I've been to Thailand 3 times (Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi and Hua Hin) and will be going for a 4th time in December. I actually feel safer walking around the streets over there than I do here at home because they are nearly always crowded, especially in Bangkok.

A few tips. Don't walk down dark, deserted streets; keep your valuables safe from pickpockets; dress respectfully and be polite; read up on the scams (in the FAQ column to the right of this page); watch your drinks if out and about in bars; don't engage in conversation or go anywhere with strangers. Of course I'm sure that you do all of this at home anyway, so don't let your guard down just because you're on holiday.

Read up on as much as you can here on the Forum and I recommend purchasing a Nancy Chandler Map of Bangkok and Chiang Mai if you are going to those cities.

Go and have a wonderful time and then come back to us and tell us all about your adventures.

Best wishes,


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8. Re: Safety Concerns

You father is either a joker or a ?

You donr need to worry about 'capturing tourists as slaves'. Thats complete rubbish.

Just be as careful a you would be in any part of US and you will be fine.

Bangkok, Thailand
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9. Re: Safety Concerns

Maybe your dad doesn't want you to stray too far from home, which is kind of nice really, in a dad sort of way.


Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: Safety Concerns

If you worried about every warning you hear you wouldnt travel anywhere. Stay at home!

No-one can guarantee your safety but Ive never had any issues in Thailand. Be sensible and all should be ok. Dont get too drunk, dont leave your drinks unattended at a bar etc.etc ...all common sense.