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Safety Issues

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Safety Issues

After reading other posts concerning bombimgs and political unrest I am seriously reconsidering whether to go to Thailand in November.

I hear that there will be elections towards the end of the year - can anyone tell me when this will be? Is there are real chance of violence and bloodshed in the area?

What do others think? I am not fickle, I had read the reports of the bombings in December when I booked. But there is trouble where ever you go in the world these days and I dismissed it. However if the bombings are set to escalate, then I would rather come to Thailand another time.

Anybody have any feedback for me?

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1. Re: Safety Issues

Hi Tizzer

Safety is in the eye of the beholder, and as you say there is trouble wherever you are. I remember that it was not that long ago that 60 tourists in Egypt were rounded up at one of the main attractions and shot by extremists.

If you check the local press, then probably the most dangerous thing at the moment is the combination of the Thai New Year and alcohol - which so far has resulted in nearly 100 deaths and over 1200 injuries.

Keep an eye on the government websites www.fco.gov.uk for uptodate travel advise.



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2. Re: Safety Issues

ohh there are too many posts on this issue! hahaha



ive delayed my plans to visit bkk, yet again! so it really depends on u! and btw the major cause of death, annually, in bkk is traffic. took a demography class in uni... ;p

Bangkok, Thailand
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3. Re: Safety Issues

There is IMO absolutely no need to reconsider your trip in November.

I am going in July/August and will also be there in October/November and December/January.

As long as you don't go looking for trouble or joining demo's then you should have no problem .

There are many 1,000,000's of visitors to thailand every (2005 11.52 TOT figures).

659,000 from UK visited Thailand during Jan - Nov 2006.

Go and enjoy your trip and stop worrying.

With current UK problems you are more than likely safer in Thailand than UK.

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4. Re: Safety Issues

We also had reservations about visiting Thailand as the Canadian Government issued specific advice not to travel to this country; however, we went anyways because we have visited more dangerous cities (San Paulo, Paris, London-sorry!, New Orleans,) and we never had a problem

In Bangkok we discovered that there are many security procedures in place to minimize the potential incidence of a bomb threat. At all the skytrain stations there are many attentive security people. At some skytrain and subway stops you must show your bag. At Paragon (big fancy shopping district at Siam Station) you go through a metal detector and there are personnel checking bags. If you stay at a major chain hotel, Hilton, Marriot, Shangrila, each car is stopped and checked before proceeding towards the front doors.

My best advice would be to not stay at a major chain hotel as they may be a popular choice for those who wish to make a violent political statement.

We even traveled south to Krabi and never felt unsafe or uneasy. Oppressive heat, taxi touts, crossing the street, rickety loud tuk tuk rides, and pickpocketing at major markets will be your greatest concerns.


If you haven't been to Asia this is a great country to start with. Most people speak some English. Most signs are also in English.The food is delicious.

You will love it!!

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5. Re: Safety Issues

The safety issues are a part of present life unfortunate .

However, I just can't afford to live nor stop travel to other

places where it is reasonable safe as in the case of BKK.

As I noted before, BKK is just as safe as Los Angeles, Chicago,

New York or any major American city. I did not know about London,

have been not actually travel to the UK.

But , I liked Prague when I was there 2 trips.

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6. Re: Safety Issues

I refuse to believe that Bangkok (bombs or otherwise) is any less safe than any U.K. city center -and I should know being a U.K. citizen driven away in the 80's by.....the yob culture amongst other things. Oh, I forgot the endless searches in London and Bristol in the 70's and 80's (I.R.A). Please do not forget that westerners are not the target of any recent problems here. Frankly, I feel safer here than Tokyo where I lived for 10 years.

Worry not!

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7. Re: Safety Issues

We've had quite a few terrorist attacks in England - it used to be the IRA now it's muslim extremists. I'd never let the threat of terrorism put me off travel, unless there was a real threat of war.

We are travelling around Thailand this summer and I can't wait. p.s I felt safer in Bangkok last year than I would in some parts of Manchester!

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8. Re: Safety Issues

Hi Guys

I know you can get terrorist attacks anywhere. I went to Egypt last year and took all the worries about any attack in my stride.

The worry with Thailand is the political instability. Especially as I understand that the elections will be in December time and there may be further troubles etc. around this time. (my holiday finishes early Dec)

Some posts I have read talk about the possibilty of a political coup that could be bloody. That's why I am worried.

I really hope there is no need to be and that it's just the usual scaremongering. I really do want to visit Thailand, as it sounds like a fantastic destination.

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9. Re: Safety Issues

I was worried about this too when I first booked my trip to Thailand but TA regulars reassured me. However I will be in BKK 8-11 December and Krabi 16-22 December and am worried again!

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10. Re: Safety Issues

There is No need to be scrared for going to Thailand .

There are over a million of visitors coming BKK every month.

I shall be in next month to see this great city , the last time

was 10 years ago. The Thailand polital issue is not of my

concern either , they seem always having ways work out

between themself quietly