Trip report Ferrari Museum Modena and Maranello

Modena is super cute abd we stopped by the Casa Enzo Ferrari. Enzo was an inspiring guy even for non car lovers. Maranello is the main attraction. We booked the factory tour, but were very disappointed. It’s a bus tour of the factory grounds. You don’t even get out. Really not what my boys were hoping for. The museum is fun and allows you to see the amazing cars and understand the Enzo Ferrari story. The kids got to do some simulators and also get thier picture taken in a Ferrari. The town is vehicle obsessed and there are private folks who offer test drives. We did see the racetrack from the bus, no action and a limited view from the bus window. Don’t waste your money on the factory tour abd just do the museum. It is also fun to just walk around town as there is Ferrari stuff every where. The recent passing of Sergio was also noted around town. It seems like he was loved by the employees, who pretty much all dress in Ferrari red clothes. ;) all in all this stop was a hit with my sons.