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We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

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We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

Talking about one busy day...

We woke up in the morning a bit late because breakfast at the B&B Villino Porporano is served from 8:30 am. Breakfast was good, delicious eggs, cheese and prosciutto, the freshest yogurt with blueberries and homemade granola, yummy homemade cakes, good espresso for me and Americana for my husband.

The drive to Modena was uneventful and parking was easy too: two modern garages, Centro and Novi Park, are located right next to each other outside ZTL zones; they offer pretty spacious parking spots (good for our not so small Alfa Romeo Giulia). We walked for 10 minutes to the imposing Palazzo Ducale and Piazza Roma (beautiful!), and continued to the Duomo di Modena. The Duomo is absolutely stunning from the outside, but unfortunately is in scaffoldings inside. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it so much... it is one of those Cathedrals which impresses you with its solemn austerity and darkness. A bit of a shocking image... The entrance is free.

After going in circles around the Duomo admiring every detail of its exterior, we went to see the rooms of Palazzo Comunale di Modena - very nice rooms and free of charge. And our next stop was real fun: we went to the Mercato Albinelli to taste some wonderful local treats. The market is small, but very vibrant and colorful.... we enjoyed it so much.

After that, we proceeded to the Synagogue, which of course requires pre-arranged tour, so we only looked at it from the outside. My husband was arrogant enough to ring the bell, but, to his great disappointment, there was no reply. So we walked back to the beautiful Piazza Grande for a very quick lunch (I just had my hazelnut and crema gelato and my husband had a spinach panini). Unfortunately, fancier places to eat were closed from 2pm to 4pm.

And here is something we really enjoyed: we tried famous aceto di Modena and took a short tour in the small shop, Acetaia Malpighi, on the Piazza Roma. Fascinating! And heavenly delicious - we did the tasting and I bought two little bottles - one red and another one white.

Then we had to make some tough choices: either to go to the Galleria Estense and stay in Modena for a nice dinner or to drive to the Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti and to the Ferrari Museum. After long deliberation, Pavarotti and Ferrari won.😊

First we drove to Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti (opened till 6pm) and were the only visitors there. For me, visiting Pavarotti’s house was something I will never forget. There are not too many people who make your life better and Luciano Pavarotti certainly was one of those who made my life better. Being a huge opera fan, I do not think the world has ever known a tenor better than Pavarotti in the past and will never know one in the years to come. He is the one and the only...forever... at least, for me he is. It was so poignant to see his opera costumes, his paintings and photographs, listen to his divine voice and admire all the charitable work he had done.

After paying our tribute to Luciano, we drove to Museo Ferrari in Maranello. OMG, it was awe inspiring! The cars on display in the red room of F1 race winners look surreal... What a spectacular show of engineering perfection, perseverance, courage and glory! Enzo Ferrari is a true inspiration for the generations to come... he did lived up to his own words: “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Unforgettable visit which was a “grand finale” of our Modena adventure.

My next and last installment will be our Tuscany trip report.

Thank you so much for your interest!


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cheshire, england
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1. Re: We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

Another great post, Nora - I feel like I’ve been there with you! So glad everything’s going so well for you - and hope the trend continues:-)

I wonder if you remember passing the beautiful hotel and restaurant San Vigilio when you took the boat from Garda to Salò last week? We were told it was a favourite of Luciano Pavarotti..

Enjoy Tuscany!

New Delhi, India
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2. Re: We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

Such a lovely account of both Parma and Modena Nora.You make come all alive :)

Cant wait for your Tuscan review.What is going to be your base in Tuscany ?

Our's is San Gimignano.

Wait for more fabulous notes from you.

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3. Re: We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

Thanks for posting, sounds like you're having a great time. 😊 I remember you'll be in Florence on May 1st. And doing some hiking in the countryside. Have fun!

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4. Re: We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

I'm really enjoying your reports, Nora!

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5. Re: We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

Loving your ongoing trip report Nora!

Thanks for posting.

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6. Re: We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

Thank you all so much! We are now in Tuscany... oh no, we are now in paradise...😊 I will start my Tuscany trip report today.

We did not really do a lot of hiking because it is pretty hot to hike, but we are walking and driving around a lot.

Amrita, crowds is Tuscany are quite oppressive, and San Gimignano is a notorious touristy town, so expect plenty of company there. We are staying at the most amazing Relais Villa Grazianella not far from Montepulciano and it is so good to relax here after pretty busy Montalcino, Montepulciano and Pienza. Very hard to find parking... not like it was here ten years ago and it is only April now... I cannot even imagine crowds in July.

Naples, Italy
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7. Re: We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

@Nora you're experiencing huge crowds also because - as you probably know - both 25 April and 1 May are national holidays so many people are taking advantage of these days for some springish escapades. What a pity that it's too hot for hikes, but it's true that inner Tuscan from spring onwards gets very hot.

By the way, I am glad you enjoyed Modena and the beautiful sights she offers, what a shame she's so overlooked. Mercato Albinelli is one of the most delightful markets I've seen here in Italy, it feels very exotic even to my eyes...to me it's second (at least among the markets I've seen), only to Mercato delle Erbe in Padova, which more than a simple market, it's a cultural experience, being probably the only market in Italy (and one of the very few in Europe) which has been continuously held in the same location since the Middle Ages without experiencing substantial changes.

I have not visited the museums where you've been (I've been to the Museo Ferrari in Modena, not the one in Maranello), but I am very curious about both of them. Visiting Pavarotti's house must be one of a kind experience, I realize it can be very emotional for any opera lover.

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8. Re: We enjoyed Modena, trip report, Part 5

Hi Kuroneko,

Yes, I expected the crowds, but Modena had none and it was perfect. Do visit the Ferrari Museum!

Here is the link to our Tuscany, Day 1.


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