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Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

Hudson River...
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Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

Hi there. Our family of 5 will be spending close to 2 weeks in Portugal and Spain next late July into August. Our tentative plan is to spend our first three nights in Lisbon then rent a car and head to Seville for 5 nights and use that a base to do some day trips. From there we would head to the Algarves for three nights before flying back out of Lisbon. We are wondering if we should break our time in Southern Spain between Seville and maybe Marbella or another coastal town for a couple nights. We definitely intend to do a day trip to Tangiers through an hired tour, hopefully stopping at the Rock of Gibraltor first. I know we can do this from Seville. We would consider spending an evening in Tangiers but not sure. We would also like to check out Granada for at least a day. I tend to pack too much into trips so my gut is telling me to base out of Seville and travel out some so we have less packing and unpacking to do. We have two 15 year old girls and a 13 year old boy so they will want to do some venturing out themselves by foot in Seville or anywhere else that is safe. Also, what neighborhoods are best in Seville? Thank you in advance!

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1. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

Cádiz is a gorgeous ancient city with beaches. Only 90 minutes or so from Seville.

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2. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

You plan way to much for 5 night in Seville. By the way it will be crazy hot there.

Hudson River...
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3. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

So you are saying don't go there because of the heat? Head to a coastal town instead? I thought two day trips from a 5 day stay is not too bad, especially for the way I travel. One day trip to tangiers, 1 days trip to Grenada. Again, out itinerary is not set in stone.

Malaga, Spain
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4. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

For Seville:

Seville is one of the cities in Spain with the most charm. A very good hotel in Seville is the Hotel Becquer (which has a garage), walkable to most sights. Use Booking.com to look at other hotels.

Must see places in Seville:

1. Church of El Salvador - One of the most beautiful Baroque churches. The ticket from this church allows one to also see the Cathedral and one can skip the queue there. Tickets available at 11 am.

2. Cathedral/Giralda Tower - The Cathedral is the third biggest church in Europe.

3. Alcazar - The palace rivals the Alhambra. See the King’s apartments.

4. Plaza de España - The most beautiful plaza in Spain.

5. Palacio de las Dueñas - This palace is beautiful and has just opened up for the public. This is the residence of the Duke of Alba. A wonderful place to see.

6. Casa de Pilatos - Beautiful palace with wonderful gardens. See the upstairs apartment.

7. Museo de Bellas Artes - One of the most important art museums in Spain.

8. Museum-Palace of the Countess of Lebrija - Has some of the best Roman mosaics in Spain. See the upstairs apartment.

A good flamenco place is Los Gallos (Plaza de Santa Cruz, 11). The main shopping streets are Calle Tetuan and Calle Sierpes. There is a large El Corte Ingles Department store at Plaza del Duque de la Victoria.

Good restaurants:

1. Cuna 2 (Calle Cuna, 2;Tel 954-211-107) - A large, elegant restaurant with traditional Andalusian decoration and with beautiful ceramic tiles lining the walls of the dining rooms. There is a beautiful bar at the top of the building.

2. Casa Robles (Calle Alvarez Quintero, 58; Tel: 954-213-150) - An elegant restaurant near the Cathedral.

3. For tapas, go to Mercado Lonja del Baranco (Calle Arjona, 24; Tel. 917-582-420).

For Granada:

For Alhambra Tickets (Book early- at least 3 months in advance):


If you are too late in buying tickets for the date you want, you can try calling your hotel and ask them to buy tickets for you, since the Alhambra allocates tickets to hotels for their clients. If this fails, you can buy the Granada Card for 40 euros, which includes a ticket for the Alhambra.

Downtown Granada is Calle Reyes Catolicos. Use Booking.com to screen hotels and apartments in the Granada City Center. A good hotel downtown with parking is the Vincci Albayzin. Shopping streets are Calle Reyes Catolicos, Calle Zacatin, and Calle Recogidas. There is a large El Corte Ingles Department Store at Carrera de la Virgen, 20. The Alcaiceria is beside the Cathedral and has many shops.

Good restaurant: Restaurante Chikito (Plaza del Campillo, 9; Tel: 958-223-364) - A gastronomic restaurant that has won many prizes for its food. Reservations are a must.

San Jose, CA
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5. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

5 nights is not equal to 5 days :) It could be just 4 days or 6 days. It depends from your arrival/departure times. Seville to Granada is 3 hours trip one way, Tarifa is a little bit closer, but still at least two hours one way. It is not very realistic to stop in Gibraltar on the way to Tarifa. It all depends how early you could wake up.

As for weather, check the news about this year heat wave in Seville.

Hudson River...
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6. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

Ah. Well we are tentatively planning on 5 nights. Nothing is set in stone, that is why I am on this forum, the early planning stages :)

I am sure we will add or box things, but this is how I get the process going of nailing it down. There is a tour that stops at gilbraltor first, that's where that thought came from. Maybe we should do 3 nights in Seville. Skip Granata all together and then do 2 nights in Marbella or another coastal town. Or we could skip southern spain altogether and stick to Portugal only. But kids and I ate dying to spend time in Spain, but true heat is a factor. This was the o ly time we could travel. Thanks for the food for thought.

Pueblo Nuevo de...
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7. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

There are far nicer coastal towns than Marbella.

If you are in Sevilla & then heading to the Algarve then look at the Costa de la Luz rather than Costa del Sol.

berkshire, england
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8. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

Personally, I'd do 4 nights Seville + 4 nights Algarve, and concentrate the beach part of your holiday in the Algarve. That leaves enough time to explore Seville properly (2-3 days) and time for an organised tour to Gibraltar/Tarifa, if that's what you want. Granada is stunning, but unfortunately at 3 hours minimum from Seville (plus time to get to/from the bus) it isn't a viable day trip.

Brussels, Belgium
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9. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

problem with seville (and some other daytrips from there like cordoba, carmona, ecija, even Granada etc) is that it will be painfully hot at that time of the year, limiting the sightseeing to mornings and then evenings for strolling/dinner.

Coast towns will be milder. Cadiz is a good combination of a city and nice beaches. Also Malaga area (Torremolinos, etc)

Hudson River...
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10. Re: Just Seville or split time with a coastal town

Well it seems everyone is steering us away from Seville in August, such a bummer, was looking forward to it but not at the expense of our group being too hot to enjoy themselves. So the question now is, which town in Southern Spain is the best for us? We will be coming down from Lisbon it seems a coastal town makes the most sense since it could make it cooler, but we will be ending out last few days in the Algarves. So any thoughts on which coastal town is best for us culturally. Thanks for all of your feedback!

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