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Beware Argus Car hire rip off

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Beware Argus Car hire rip off

DO NOT USE ARGUSCARHIRE.COM!!! (CarTrawler's technology, parent co.)

I made the mistake of booking a vehicle based off a recommendation, and lost the full week's booking rental fee with no recourse. They also put in the small print compulsory, high-profit extras (pre-paid gas).

As an aggregate engine, there are better ones than this, and once you know the price go directly to the local company's site. That way local management has proper flexibility to fulfill the needs of your trip.

So Summarized, if anything happens in your trip argus's small print screws you out of all the money you gave them. If all goes well argus's small print mandates high-profit extras and screws you out of your money.

There also appears to be a bit of a troll army working in their favor. If you see hundreds of positive reviews with short quips, about things like in-person service that they don't offer, be very skeptical.


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1. Re: Beware Argus Car hire rip off

Hi AvidTravler108,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. I regret to know that you feel that way and I send you my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused. I have sent you a private message with our email address to contact us regarding your claim. I hope to hear from you soon.

I wish you a very nice day and best regards,


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2. Re: Beware Argus Car hire rip off

Another thing do not buy the insurance, its a con. Do not use Enterprise as well.

I didnt want to put an excess of £2500 on my card, because I dont have that type of credit, who does. If I did, I wouldnt be getting the cheap rental deal I got.

Argus have in bold, reduce your excess and liability to zero from £2500. This is utter rubbish. Sure you may be able to claim your excess, but this is after the rental car company (ENTERPRISE) still wants their pound of flesh, and deducts £2500 from your card. Im just hoping I can get a excess insurance waiver from car company and I hope it doesnt cost me an arm and a leg. Im considering canceling my rental booking and starting again. Take the risk of getting my money back.

Im hoping this message will help at least one person out.

Why cant companys be transparent and simple and actually provide something that you are willing to pay for and not be deceptive. At least I know they wont have me as a customer again.

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3. Re: Beware Argus Car hire rip off

Its a rip off. I tried to make a booking and the system wouldn't accept it. Then i had a second attempt and again it failed. Then on the next day all of a sudden it accepted mu second one!!!! The booking was for July 31 until Aug 7th. When the +ve reply came in i did not check the dates on it. When i got to Athens the lady at the desk couldn't find my reservation (ofcourse) and she foud a reservation from the 9th till the 12 of August!!!!!dates i wouldt even be in Greece. But the odd thing was that the price i payed for 7 days was reflecting for only 3 days. When i pointed this out to the desk people yhey couldn't do anything about it so i had to make a new booking with an extra cost of €157. I wrote a letter to argus car hire and they answered rmthat everything was in order and that i should be at the airport on time!!!!!They didn't even bother yo read what i was saying. After tgat treatment i was veeeery annoyed and i wrote to them agaim and again even on their facebook page. When i mentioned a lawsuit they immediately replied saying that everything was im order in their behalf but tgey would return my €30 front pay. Ehen i told yhem that i need the whole amount tgey said no because the price i paid was correct for 3 days (even the most expensive company wouldn't charge that much) the man also made a booking to prove to me that yhe price was right and although he booled it for the next day, in order to be expensive, he couldn't really reach the price I paid but they had the nerve to sent it to me (a screenshot) I immediately send ygem a propper booking with the correct dates were THE PRICE WAS MATCHING what I paid......they never replied. Then i decited to take the to court and i asked for an address and an addressie. The address they send me but an addressie they never did, the reason being that probably somebody acted on his/her own and they couldn't pach it up to management. Now me and my lawyer are working on sewing the company and we are gayhrring all the facts. We also asked from other people who had similar experiences to contact us with facts amounts dates etc and -not surprisingly- they are a lot. (Who ever is interested please contact me)Having saud that I have to tell you that they had a lady on facebook who she tried to answer my questions and when I asked her back too.....sge couldn't handle it and she referred to copy paste answers.

(I apologize for the spelling but my phone is acting funny)

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4. Re: Beware Argus Car hire rip off

I had a similar experience, was given wrong information on the phone and presented with more costs at the rental office so I cancelled the rental thinking that as Argus were in the wrong they would give me my money back. What a fool. They told me that as I had cancelled at the office a couple of minutes past the pick-up time they couldn't refund the money. How could I do it before the pick up when *their* mistake was only uncovered when I went to get the car? The complaints website doesn't work so you have to call to start a complaint. Then they send you an automated email threatening to cancel your complaint if you do not send them a reply to their automated email. I replied as requested but have received no other communication from them. It seems that unless you sue them they simply ignore you, having lied to get your money.

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5. Re: Beware Argus Car hire rip off


we had a similar problem recently with another rental co. and went to the credit card company to claim back.

If you haven't got what you booked and contracted,you should be able to claim it back this way.

Just keep all your communications,photos,video etc with the rental outfit, & all emails of your complaint,with the original rental contract etc,you will need these to make a claim.

Good Luck !!

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