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Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

San Juan, Texas
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Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

So we just got back from 5 nights at the Gran Caribe real everything went very smoothly and we had a great time. I travelled with my parents and sisters and while we were being given a tour of the hotel the lady starts stalking about attending a breakfast and getting some gifts, I instantly said no and my mom goes why not? And ultimately agrees. Long story short my dad ends up buying into this real club and actually buys the timeshare /program whatever it actually is. I actually went back twice to clarify certain things and the rep actually took the time to answer all of our questions but of coarse making everything sound to good to be true. To name a few

1) we would be able to use this anywhere , ex one week at the bellagio in Vegas for $299.

2) recalculating our entire trip of 7 and saying that if we took this exact trip next year our cost would be $1300

My parents ended up receiving 100 weeks for roughly 10 k. I really wanted them to cancel but my dad thought it was a good deal. And after all they don't listen to me

Anyway my question to those members have you actually use their weeks? If so how much did your trip end up costing you? Just want to get an idea of what kind of savings in any at all this will get them.

And do they really have access to hotel worldwide?

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1. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

LizbySan : You have to look at the contract you signed. I don't think anyone here will have all the answers you need. Reading all these posts on TripAdvisor - I've developed my own opinion that these timeshare deals and schemes are not something for me. But, you need to review the documents and do the research. My fear is that this will not end well for you.



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2. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

I have never seen any positive responses on the Real Club here. There are a number of horrendously negative responses that have been posted, and can't remember anything good. I don't know if that is because people only post the negative, but I would guess they sell a lot and someone has to have a good experience. $10k sounds like an awful lot of money to spend without doing a lot of research.

San Juan, Texas
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3. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

Anybody? Like i said again this is my parents membership but I'm just trying to understand the situation better. If anyone has actually use the membership and could answer the following questions I would appreciate?

1) how much did you end up paying when booking a trip back to the real hotels? I understand that prices vary depending on when you go and what type of room but just to get an idea.

2) do you really have access to hotels "world wide" ? And if so how do you book them. Do you just contact the booking agent or do you have to go through some sort of exchange service that I've read about ..ATI..ATL I don't remember but it is an abbreviation .

Kansas City...
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4. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

We bought into a membership a couple years back. We were also given 4 free weeks to use at the resorts. The estimated cost of the free weeks, if they were not free, is roughly equivalent to the total cost of what we paid for our membership. Therefore, we just chalked the 'membership' up as an added bonus. We are required to have 50% of the membership paid before we could use the free weeks though and our default payment schedule wouldn't have us that far until 2018 so we are paying extra each month to get us to the 50% paid mark in time. I had to make multiple calls/emails to the club to get all these details clarified. Our first free week is available to us in 2017. We'll see how that goes and if they truly honor their end of the deal.

We have yet to make a reservation using the 'bought' weeks, but I have compared costs using other sites such as travelocity, bookings, etc. I'm not seeing ANY real savings. As a matter of fact, last year we were trying to price a trip to using the membership and ended up not using it. We got a MUCH better deal through a 24-hr offer on travelocity at the same resort! When I confronted the Real Club about it they said I should have given them a chance to match it. Problem was the Real Club office was closed and the travelocity offer expired at midnight. Furthermore, what is the point of the membership if all they're going to to is just match other offers?

The access to "world wide" hotels you mention, I believe, and at least for us, is through RCI (google it). Basically, you trade your weeks using that service which charges the $299 for the trade. I do not believe that Real Club weeks have a lot of "trading power" through RCI and do not end up trading very well. I have not tried though.

Weyburn, Canada
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5. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

You should seek power of attorney over your fathers holdings if this is the way he treats his finances. Say goodbye to 10k.

Lancaster, Ohio
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6. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

We have been members for quite a few years and I can give you our opinions

1- So far it has been good for us

2- You have to use it if you don't it is a waste of money like anything

3- Its also like an investment

4- We have been in it for about 5 years (every deal is different depends on salesperson, the year you join, your deposit, your level of membership, as well as other things)

We spent roughly $35,000 and throughout the process have had 6 free weeks which if you booked through a regular travel agent would run you about $3200 for the same trip for two people for 7 days and nights so thats about $19,200. We have taken our kids twice which would be six packages though travel agent again at around $3200 per package for two people and which both times we went for 8 days and nights. $3200*3 would be $9600 we spent $5000 as members so saved basically a little over $4000 so to date return on investments is $23,800 so about $11,200 to go, but we have well over 300 weeks left we can use in the membership. We willed it to our kids so they are beneficiary of the membership. Not to mention you get 20% discount on all services at the resorts, yacht and boat rentals, and much more. Plus you can trade your weeks on Interval to go other places if you so desire. Which we are planning trip to Italy now and so far looks to be very affordable and mainly just airfare as main price.

5. So to recap you have to use it if you don't its like most things a waste of money.

6. Your parents can also sell weeks to others like friends and family or others to help pay it off too.

7. Basically its a discount plan on traveling i would say as a rule you get about 33%-40% on the average and they guarantee at least 30% I have had promotions up to 60% off just depends on the time of year you want to travel and where.

I hope this helps some. I will say we may be an exception because I have heard bad stories too, but its like most things you get what you put in and it did take us about 2 years to learn the ins and outs of our membership and we are still learning, but for now I am using to travel and as a long term investment.

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7. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

About years ago my husband and I purchased weeks during a visit to Cancun to the Real Club. At this time we paid about $2800 for 120 weeks. Since purcasing the weeks I have recouped what we purchased them for. About 3 years ago i took several family memebers to the Gran Caribe for 7 nights and thorugh my memebership we paid about $1200 per room for double occupancy for ocean view rooms. Booking through the website or a travel agent website hte rooms would have been about $2300 for double occupancy. We still have about 80 weeks left.

One thing to be mindful of is the higher catagory of room you selec the more weeks each stay costs.

I don't have anything bad to say about the memership, except depositing a week into RCI is not worth it. Last time Ilooked into it i had to pay to deposit the weeks and then pay to use them for something else and what i could swap them for was very limited and not worh the effort in the end becuase there was still going to be a cost invovled once I selected my new hotel to stay at. This may have changed since i Looked at it but the process at the time was painful so I elected not to do it.

I do feel sorry for people who have bad several thousand dollars for their memebership because they may never see the benefits of having it financially. There are a lot of people who have negative things to say about the program but don't listen to their judgements and whats done is done, just enjoy what is avaialbe.

Memphis, Tennessee...
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8. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

Can you buy someone's membership who has had it for a few years and no longer uses it? We just got back, though we opted not to do the sales pitch, we did love the resort.

We plan to take our grown kids and their wives in October or January next year.

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9. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

My wife and I aren't necessarily against timeshares, but only buy on the AFTERMARKET for pennies on the dollar (plus maintenance fees) It's my understanding that you don't get a "deed" to property at Real Club.

My wife and I did the tour last year and decided to stick with our Bluegreen properties instead because Real Club does not "trade" well in RCI (they use the inferior Interval instead). The salespeople KNEW they had no chance of getting us to sign up when we showed them we were even able to pay for the all-inclusive fees for our stay using RCI points! Even their own club (Real) doesn't allow that. It's more of a "discount club."

Lexington, Kentucky
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10. Re: Anybody actually use Real Club membership ?

You can buy and sell these memberships. I believe you have to go through a title company. My wife and I purchased a membership but we just got pregnant and had our first child so we are not using it much. We are thinking of selling it. Would you like to buy ours? You can PM if you'd like. Or I can PM you...

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