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Guanajuato Safety Update

Panama City, Panama
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Guanajuato Safety Update

Hi all -

I have a planned trip to Guanajuato next month with my wife and could not help but notice recent news reports indicating what appears to be an increase in crime in the state. We've done our fair share of travelling in Mexico (think we're up to 12 states now) & although I am not a paranoid type, I always like to be aware of the latest situation before assessing if & where we go... We will only be there about a week and are only planning on being in León & Guanajuato (city) this trip. Here are a few of the recent articles I came across when searching Guanajuato in the news that caught my eye:




wsj.com/articles/mexico-grapples-with-a-rise… ("The violence has spread to previously calmer spots like Guanajuato...")

No, I'm not here for fearmongering but simply would like to hear informed opinions on this topic. All comments are welcome :).



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1. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

None of that is news, at least not 'new news'. And no, you're not fear-mongering. On appropriate threads I've posted the following link over the last year or so wondering why Michoacan, Guerrero, and border states have US Travel advisories but not Guanajuato.


That said, keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of the incidents accounting for the statistical surge in crime/murders primarily occur in Celaya, Salamanca, Irapuato, and the un-touristed areas of Leon.

I get to Leon, Guanajuato,and Celaya often (once a month or more?) and am still alive; I could type some nonsense about how I always 'feel safe' but feeling safe and actually being safe aren't the same thing. Best I can offer is follow the same advice you'd give to SoCal visitors concerned about crime in LA and rely on your experience on visits to those 12 other Mexican states, and you'll be fine. That and don't go pub-crawling in dodgy areas after midnight.

Panama City, Panama
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2. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

Thanks for your response. At this point, we're going on with the trip. We'll take the usual precautions and will have a great time I'm sure :).

I also found it odd that the U.S. Travel advisories do not include Guanajuato but include other states that appear statistically safer. Perhaps it has to do with the amount of business in that state... Also glad to hear that the majority of the violence is outside of the tourist areas of Leon & Guanajuato.

Anyone else want to chime in on the situation, I'm all ears :) Thanks!

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3. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

Tourists are not targeted for crime in general in México. We are sort of on the off list. As Baldy says just do not go into cantinas late at night, keep your valuables safe. Just do not do anything you would not do in LA. There is an exaggerated perception in the USA of the dangers of MX, its actually historic, going back to criminals escaping SOB, surfers ridiculous road trips - really people who are normal live and work here. Have a great trip!

Grand Junction, CO
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4. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

When I last visited Guanajuato, 10 years ago, I was told by locals that I could go anywhere. I did hike all around the surrounding hills with no problems. I'm wondering though; can I still do that today? Can I take the short cut through the woods down from Valenciana. Can I hike down the dirt road from Santa Rosa to Guanajuato? Are there now neighborhoods to avoid?


Guanajuato, Mexico
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5. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

For travelors to Guanajuato, regardless of where you come from, I think you need to be careful in Guanajuato City. I live in a neighborhood that is visited by many tourists any many are naive about crime in this city. I am uncertain if the crime statistics reflect the actual number of crimes against people, by which I refer to theft and muggings, but I do know that they are common. So I suggest that visitors be careful with their belongings and be smart about not going into dark streets alone at night, in particular. It is abeautiful city to visit but should be considered as other bigger cities like Rome or London, as a place to be careful and to enjoy a vacation.

Atlanta, Georgia
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6. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

Hi All,

Do we have any updates on the safety in Guanajuato? I've been to several place and usually don't get disturbed when people tell me, "Don't go there" but I have to admit when I tell people my plans to go to Guanajuato in May, that response has been consistent. Unfortunately, I think it's due to the political climate but like TV said, I've read some articles how crime is going up. So the question is, would you recommend a solo woman traveler to go to Guanajuato for 10 days? I also wanted to take a weekend trip to San Miguel de Allende.

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7. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

Hey I am planning to go alone as well but in June. Have you found any more info about GTO? It's a beautiful place and I don't want to miss out because of fear.

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8. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

I took my wife and 4yo daughter in October 2015. We are planning on returning this June with no hesitation. Anywhere you would want to be, the people are friendly and hospitable. But of course, be street smart and know your surroundings. Don't walk with your face buried in your smartphone. But then, your biggest concern is tripping over the uneven streets/sidewalks.

Go! Enjoy your trip!

Leon, Mexico
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9. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

Some people have flowers of Common Sense in their gardens. Many who come to visit in Mexico, sadly, don't have that flower growing in their gardens. If it grows in your garden, you should have very little problems. No one can speak for another persons safety in Mexico. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time is the number one concern of those of us who spend most of our time in Mexico.

Singapore, Singapore
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10. Re: Guanajuato Safety Update

hey kelly, i'm going to be travelling alone to guanajuanto last week of june. what are your dates there? i'm a female solo traveller so if you'd like some company i'd be up for it



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