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Msc Divina

Marietta, Georgia
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Msc Divina

I have a christmas cruise booked! ???

Does this ship provide drinking water,juices, tea, coffee, ice cream etc.

with out purchasing

All the extra packages they are offering.

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1. Re: Msc Divina

Hi Raynee B.

My family and I just finished a double cruise on the Divina and the Splendida.

On both ships Water,Tea, and Coffee were available 24 hours without purchase from the Buffet area.Juices were only available without purchase during breakfast times,the rest of the time you had to pay even at the restaurants.

Ice cream was never free unless it was on a Dessert menu at the restaurant you were assigned to.

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2. Re: Msc Divina

We just disembarked this past Saturday from the MSC Dvina and I am sorry to report, that in 20 cruises - this was the worst. Although the ship itself is beautiful, the service is horrendous. From the onset of the cruise, you could tell this cruise was disorganized; 1) no bus help in the restaurants 2) refusal to pour water / ice tea in the main restaurant 3) bars not open during & after main show lounge 4) if you buy a drink package - BEWARE ...the staff does not receive gratuities and they do not like these coupons 5) many of the staff will just about beg for a tip 6) many digruntled employees will share with you that they 'want off of this ship' 7) inability to converse in english for much of the staff 8) overwhelming amount of italian food - so you better like it 9) massive confusion at the front desk 10) overcharges on the bill - so check it thoroughly 11) disembarkation day - they won't announce that the ship has been cleared, they don't call the color groups or number 12) good luck hearing from the captain - we were told he doesn't meet or speak w/ the public 13) navigation on board is atrocious, up/down elevator shafts that don't go the the same levels, be prepared to walk alot 14) Galaxy dining brunch - 2hrs 45 minutes for the entire experience - it is s-l-o-w 15) Eatlaly - another pay for restaurant - they will lose the reservation even though you have a receipt (electronic) was told 'system no work, sorry' ...I could write for two more hours about this disastrous cruise line. I will point out, if you have never cruised before - you might think it is a good time.

Rosemere, Canada
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3. Re: Msc Divina

I heard on some cruiseline the possibility to bring aboard bottle of wine ( one each), is this the case on the MSC Divina? I could not find this information nowhere

Niceville, Florida
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4. Re: Msc Divina

My wife and I did a Caribbean cruise on the MSC Divina out of Miami. We were quite pleased with them overall. At the buffet coffee, tea, juice, milk etc are all no extra charge, but its a buffet so you will have to get it yourself.

Can the Italian staff be rude sometimes? Well yeah - they're Italian. We've been to Italy so we sort of expected that and kind of find it amusing. Once you know its coming and can laugh at it, it's not that big a deal. Most of the staff are not Italian though and frankly the rudeness we observed from some of the other passengers easily exceeds what we saw from the staff.

Is there a lot of Italian food on the ship? Well yeah - its an Italian cruise line. The coffee (the regular one in the buffet) is excellent, the pizza which is made fresh 24/7 is great and the Gellato (which yes cost a couple bucks) is fresh made and outstanding. Can the buffet be a bit crowded and busy? Well yeah - it's a buffet. The sit down restaurant "Black Crab" was excellent in terms of service and decor, but food quality was not very good (this is common on cruise ships in our experience). The best thing is to develop a relationship with some of staff in the buffet and ask them what's fresh right now?

The shows, which are admittedly a little over the top, were in our view quite excellent in terms of talent and spectacle, easily rivaling some high priced Vegas shows. For a cruise ship to have this level of entertainment was for us a pleasant surprise.

Overall in our experience MSC offers a great value in a cruise.

Ballybofey, Ireland
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5. Re: Msc Divina

No, at present we are not allowed to bring wine(or water/soda but that is not enforced rigidly) onto MSC cruise ships. DV

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6. Re: Msc Divina

Great review@ smith, we went in march 14 for a back to back cruise out of miami, great ship great staff, we had the allegrissimo package so pretty much all drinks n ice cream included, we took off the gratuities as we are English and like to do it as and when which worked for us and the staff, never a problem getting served, couple of miserable staff but they where never rude to us I just put it down to working long hours!!!, going on our second msc next week on splendida out of naples, can't wait

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7. Re: Msc Divina

We cruised on the Divina in March with the super special rate they offered in February. Loved the ship and the entertainment. Staff was fine with us - no issues. I was not looking to make lifelong friends or enhance my Christmas card list by getting super friendly with anyone on board, staff included. we have been cruising for more than 35 years and have come to expect the food to be less spectacular than it was way back when. it is that way on most cruise ships anymore, not just this one. Same goes for the staff - anyone who works knows that companies try to get the most out of their employees and the cruise lines are no exception. We never once had a staff member be rude towards us. I admit the bartenders were not always overly friendly except possibly to large groups that frequented the same bars day after day - we are not big drinkers so we just drifted to the closest one each day when we wanted a drink. For the most part, cruises are what you make them to be - the amenities are there and you can use as much or as little of each as you want. I imagine, after watching way too many rude guests onboard the ships, that a crew member is hard pressed to always turn the other cheek after repeated assaults from demanding guests and their rude children. As we learned from being chaperones on high school choir trips for years, every rule was created because of something stupid that some stupid person did - the cruise industry is no exception. The rules are in place because someone before you abused their hospitality and they had to then address the issue with some boundaries.

We loved the Divina and are sailing again in November on a 10-day trip - can't wait!

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8. Re: Msc Divina

We had a terrible experience on the Divina, made much worse by the horrible attitude & service of some of the staff.

We checked into our room, unpacked, laid on the bed and, 2hrs later - after the safety drill - SAW the bed bugs crawling in the seams of the fabric headboard. I am not writing about a bite I think was from bed bugs on the boat - I'm writing about an infestation I SAW and, upon closer examination, realized was very extensive. There were large bugs full of blood crawling, along with many small ones. There was also obvious evidence of shed bodies of bugs as they've grown and multiplied. This is actually what I first noticed as there was quite a large pile of shed bodies in the seam - right beside where my pillow rested against the headboard.

These bugs were not brought on the boat by the last passenger. The last passenger was simply their last meal. It was obvious they had been growing, multiplying and breeding in that headboard for some time and the fact no one had noticed makes me seriously question the cleanliness standards of this boat.

And so began a nightmare 24hrs. The room steward arrived with a spray bottle and rag to 'fix' the problem. The front desk girl dismissively addressed me as I, in an unbelievably controlled manner, asked if there even was another cabin to move to as I would NOT sleep in that cabin and would get off the boat before it sailed if I wasn't assured another cabin. No one was quick to deal with the issue and the hours rolled on.

After all of our belongings were taken away to be laundered and we were left with only the clothes on our backs (and not even feeling good about that after the exposure we'd had) we were marched around the boat to find another room. Needless to say we missed dinner and, when we went down very underdressed to the late sitting, we were treated rudely by the server and told we couldn't use the wine package we'd purchased because we'd missed the first sitting where we would have received our tickets.

We had a horrible night's sleep as the room we received only mirrored what we'd had & lying near the headboard made us both crawl. Though we were assured our clothes would be returned by morning, we awoke to no belongings and made persistent phone calls to track them down. We also awoke to a notice that we'd have to attend another safety drill since we'd been delinquent and missed it (which we hadn't, we'd changed rooms) killing another hour of our time. Then we were summoned to meet with manager Pavel in the back rooms of the boat. We were told there was little they could do but the file had been escalated to head office and they would contact us after our cruise to discuss compensation for the 1 full day we had already missed of our cruise, not to mention the hassle and trauma of what we'd been thru.

Needless to say, no contact was made. Now 2 months later, after repeated attempts to follow up, we finally received an email arrogantly highlighting their record of cleanliness ?? and stating no compensation of any kind would be made for our experience.

We're disgusted with what we saw on this boat & disgusted with MSC for their horrible customer service.

Think twice before choosing this cruise line. We've traveled comfortably with 3 other cruise lines & would gladly spend a few dollars more for the piece of mind of planning a good vacation with a company who cares.

Ballybofey, Ireland
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9. Re: Msc Divina

Hi Catbug. That sounds like a horrible experience and I would not like to undergo it. However, your posting of this on every MSC thread you can find on TA seems to diminish your sincerity a bit. It seems that MSC reacted and tried to (a) kill the bugs and (b) move you to a new room and (c) laundered all your clothes. This took time and, naturally, you were still a bit freaked out in the new stateroom. MSC are not known for their customer service and, of course, your waiter did not know what had happened. I presume you called the maitre d'i or head waiter and had that sorted for you? Did you have to do two drills or one? If you missed the first one, due to no fault of your own, it seems nevertheless that safety comes first and you do the next one. MSC corporate probably are somewhat removed from the ship experience and are not known for customer service - I would be peed off as well! Are you the poster who posted on Cruise Critic about bed bug bites and got flamed? If you go there with no posting history and post negative reviews, the cheerleaders and fans come out with the flamethrowers! Hope your cruise was not completely spolit. DV

Sarasota, Florida
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10. Re: Msc Divina

I realize that some people cannot be satisfied but having many cruises under my belt, I feel immenently qualified to give this cruise two thumbs down. First off, we found a rotting pear and partial chocolate chip cookie and crumbs behind our bacony curtain. The food in the dining rooms was mediocre at best. Veal Parmesan consisted of a thin piece of fried veal with a small slab of cheese melted on top with a dollop of mashed potatoes. Prime Rib was worse, a paper thin piece of meat would have been impossible to cook as per my request medium rare. Realizing how bad the fare was in the dining rooms, we decided to chance the Buffet deck on the fourth day of our cruise for the evening meal. What a mistake, not only were there minimal Buffet stations open but the variety was very limited. Now let's face it a cruise is pretty much a culinary experience. All night sandwich (make your own) was non-existant although it is prominently advertise in the brochure. Beverage stations were only on the main Buffet area and few and far apart located in tiny cubbyholes. Water and tea. Plastic drinking cups ran out almost immediately and relegated to styrofoam cups which when empty flew all over the place in the wind. Finding rest rooms was a challenge. Enough of the bad, now the good. Pizza was outstanding but crowded due to hungry passengers late night. Pay-For bars and restaurants were all over the place. Used to be a time when there was one Steak House you could opt for. Seems they forcing us to spend extra to eat. The entertainment was OUTSTANDING. The shows were top notch and proffesionally done! Lastly, since when do past cruisers not get a free cocktail party or free drinks at the "Meet the Captain Party". Talked to many people of the same opinion on the cruise. Overall Ok, but would definitely not recommend this cruise when the others are so much better.

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