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MSC cruises drinks packages

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MSC cruises drinks packages

I have tried to book an all inclusive drinks package for one of us (the other does not drink) on the MSC website, but this does not seem possible, it only allows me to book both or neither..... any suggestions?

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St. Lucia
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1. Re: MSC cruises drinks packages

MSC requires all guests to buy a package, or none of them can. So, no, you can't buy one online and not the other. Either both/all of you or none.

It's clearly listed in the Terms and Conditions.

"*TERMS & CONDITIONS: The package is for personal use only and valid for one order at a time. The ID card is non-transferrable. Abusing the terms of the all-inclusive package may cause the service to be withdrawn and the remaining days not to be refunded. The price of the package applies to each day of the cruise except for the day of disembarkation; the package cannot be purchased on daily basis. Once activated on board, the package cannot be interrupted and refunded. This drink package must be booked by all guests occupying the same stateroom, including minors who must book the Child non-alcoholic or soda version of the package. Mixing & matching of all-inclusive drink packages (Deluxe vs. Classic vs. Non-alcoholic vs. Soda for Adults) is not allowed between passengers sharing a stateroom. The package is not available for charter cruises and for large groups (over 250 persons on the Lirica class vessels, over 350 persons on the Musica class vessels and over 500 persons on the Fantasia class vessels). The package is not available for 1-3 night cruises; the minimum number of nights is FOUR (4). Pricing may vary by ship, itinerary and length."

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2. Re: MSC cruises drinks packages

Thanks. The w**kers!

Bodmin, United...
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3. Re: MSC cruises drinks packages

no need for name calling, but the rule is to prevent one person buying a drinks package and sharing it with the other person. Blame dishonest passengers for that and not the cruise line who are protecting their profits. The same rule applies to most cruise lines.

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4. Re: MSC cruises drinks packages

MSC drinks packages are one of the cheapest around so even if one of you doesnt drink alcohol you can still get other items non alcohol they do a range of non alcohol cocktails , have a look at what is offered and decide if its worth buying

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5. Re: MSC cruises drinks packages

Hello to all,

Is there anyone who can clarify a couple of doubts?:

I have booked a cruise starting from Venice, and the departure indicates 16:30. Reading in the conditions, says that this is the time of boarding. There is a flight that will do great for us, but this is landing at 14:45 at the Marco Polo airport which is 20 minutes by taxi to the Cruise transfer.

Considering a possible delay of 30 minutes and another 30 minutes to collect suitcases and leave ... it could make 3:45 pm and we would be arriving at the port sometime after 4. I know it's a tight schedule, but do you think it's doable?

On the other hand, the habitual doubt with the drink packages... the most I read the most I get confused:

We are 4 adults in 2 cabins. I know that the packages go by cabins.

I was thinking of getting for one cabin the all-inclusive restaurant and bar package(€ 156 pp) and the other cabin to have only the restaurant one(€ 99 pp). Three questions:

1. Do you know if combining these packages we can sit at the same table for dinner?

2. Somewhere I read that there are also limited drinks packages, but I can not find it, is that so?

3. And the dodgy question ... If I do the as such,is there much control about sharing the drinks from different packages along the day?

Many thanks!

Ballybofey, Ireland
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6. Re: MSC cruises drinks packages

Hi. If the ship sails at 16.30, you may not be allowed to embark later than 15.00. I would suggest an earlier flight.

As to drinks, the rule is that all passengers on the same 'booking' must purchase similar packages. So, if you have booked 2 staterooms with 1 credit card or booking #, you will not be able to book less than 4 packages before you go. However, once you board, they are pushing the drinks packages and you can buy for individuals. There is a limited 'Mealtime Drinks Package' available on some sailings but it depends on the sailing. As to sharing drinks, they do look out for this but you probably could but you run the risk of being challenged. Some say the computer system looks out for this and flags it, but I don't know if that's true, hence the rule of all in same booking getting the same package. - it's not classy btw! Bon Voyage, DV.

Wales, United...
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7. Re: MSC cruises drinks packages

Even if you can board up until 1630, there's no way I'd want to risk arriving on a flight just 105 minutes beforehand. It would not take much of a delay to that flight to completely scupper your chances of getting to the ship in time to get on.

Or, what if you get delayed at the ariport? What if you have to go and report a missing bag? What if you have to wait 10-15 minutes for a taxi? What if all of these things happen on the day? Unlikely perhaps, but if your flight is an hour late, and so wheel touch down at 1545, then you are45 minutes in the airport, then it takes 45 mins to get a taxi and reach the cruise terminal, you will now be waving the ship goodbye!

The only hope i can see for this plan is if the ship doesn't leave until 2000 and you can actually board up until 1830. Check your documentation for the latest possible time you can present yourselves at the terminal.

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