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msc meraviglia!!!

Haifa, Israel
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msc meraviglia!!!


any reviews on msc meraviglia yet?

would love to know what to expect.

travelling in august as a family with 2 children, 7 and 10.


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Berkshire, United...
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1. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

Hi. Have you had a look on Cruise Critic?

Haifa, Israel
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2. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

yes i just did..

would love to hear more from this forum ;)

Haifa, Israel
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3. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

found a group on facebook.

so if anyone is interested in getting more reviews and tips, the group's name is "MSC Meraviglia Cruisers Forum".

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4. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

Hi just got back from meraviglia cruise. To answer your question i would say it depends on your expectations. For me i was very disappointed to the point of disgust. I have cruised with carnival ncl and rcl and thought new boat nice ports how bad could it be. Well it was bad

First and foremost is attitude. When you step on a cruise ship you expect to be treated like a guest and every cruise to this point delivered. Not msc. No welcome no cocktail no info no cheerful smile. We were told before trip to go to cabin to get wrist band for all activities. No wristband apparently for different class of passenger. No info in room and huge slow moving lines at reception. In short dont expect much. Food way below par. No coffee after dinner. No free water with meal. Nothing free other than basics. No free ice cream. Crowded buffet. Obnoxious children running wild throughout ship. Inept servers that are just giving minimal effort and dont seem concerned with our enjoyment. Every cruise ive been on the server knew our names after one meal and would ask about our day. After a week ours didnt know our names or seem concerned with our activities. I am not a picky person although this review may seem like it. I will never cruise with Msc again period. So if this your first cruise you might like it but i highly doubt it. Oh well live and learn and enjoy the ports they are great.

Haifa, Israel
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5. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

thanks for your response..

it's incredible how the reviews varies from excellent to terrible.

i guess it does depend on expectations and research.

Dublin, Ireland
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6. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

My daughter was on the meraviglia first week in july, they were not impressed. Was their first cruise. Food was very disappointing, we had better food on a recent all inclusive holiday in spain. staff were not very friendly or welcoming. One reception desk on a ship for over 5000 people is ridiculous, probably deliberate so you cant complain, unless you like long queues, lol.

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7. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

Hello, we just got back from meraviglia cruise too. Family with two young kids. Pfffff What a big disaster! We spoke other dutch and Belgium people who have cruised on other boats and with other companies, but this was the most worst experience. A new boat, to many people, all the diner areas over crowded etc etc, Bad service, employees where tired of all the complains off other guests, cold food, dirty food (shrimps) in the main restaurants, i will post some photos as well, manager off the restaurant agreed it, but cant do nothing with it?? over automatisation, too many rules and info desks at different levels. slow moving lines at the mini reception (just one for this big ship???) Everywhere waiting rows of 1 hour or more, because at every new port new people get on board with the same questions and complains! That gave every day and night a hectic situation and stressed atmosphere . I will put the videos online soon on youtube or tripadvisor.

When you get on board you expect to be treated like a guest, but the service is far away. We sent back to our room with a baby and a child at the reservation desk at the restaurant. You have to reservate the same table for the whole week. This is at on other level of course (crazy!), so a long walk, waiting at the lift area, Other wise you don't have a table the next coming days. 5 restaurants?? Ofcourse not. 5 different diner cards what is switching between the restaurants each evening, so it looks like a different restaurant, but it is the same steamed bad food you get upstairs or downstairs . No coffee after dinner, you have too eat fast because the next shift is waiting.....pfffffff holiday?. Crowded buffets???exploded! Breakfast a la card between 7.00 and 9.00? ..... Waiters who looked tired, managers who looked burned out. Cirque du Solei show, we booked and prepared everything at home etc etc. Then you have to re-order it when you are at the boat. Thats no problem, but it is when you are in a one hour row/line at your holiday in front of a counter. Going to the swimming pool, you want to use the slide.....no sir, you have to get to wrist strap one deck lower??!!!

The whole safety system had been tested during the week. I will put some films online. Great for the relax atmosphere. not! Due to the fact every day new people get on board every day safety procedures where a fact.

This is our first cruise but also the last with MSC. I am writing this that other people (hard working families) can make a good decision, we are talking about serious money you will throwing into the sea if you are expecting something else. Don't believe the couple off good stories, there are not or they are fake!

In short, this is a new boat with a lot of managing and automatisation problems!! Don't do it! Book a 5 stars hotel and get yourself pleased for a whole week! With a real orange jus at your a la card breakfast in stead of an orange limonade....OMG! The only thing what was great was the shower too steam off. There are not many reviews, but after one month, it will explode! believe me. This can't be real that people love this atmosphere of waiting, screaming and disorganisation on one boat in one week with 29 degrees.

I stop writing because the list with problems and facts I have is longer than above story. Don't book this boat this year, let it get better in the future. I doubt it. Excuse me for my bad english, but i think the message is clear enough. MSC take your responsibility....1 start with a warm welcome and 2. a new management on board that will take care of it instead off putting managers in a white suits who can not solve this kind of huge problems. This boat is to big and not ready jet!!!!!

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8. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

I totally agree Victor.

Hope we get some of our money back!

This was a crazy trip!!! I feel stolen MSC.

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9. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

I think they may have removed it! The Facebook forum I mean.

Edited: 03 August 2017, 02:37
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10. Re: msc meraviglia!!!

Well there will come a new one believe me!

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