Looking for comparable 'villa-type' resorts

Bit of a long-shot, but I'm sure someone here can help...

For over a decade, my relatives lived in Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus. This is a golf-type development: one big golf course, tennis club, driving range, around which there are various 'villages' made up of villas and townhouses available to rent. On the resort there is also a 'village square' with several restaurants, gym, spa...and a hotel.

Several years back, TUI took over the hotel and so effectively this was a great family holiday destination: self-catering villas, but access to amazing facilities, entertainment etc - and quite 'high end'. Their website describes it as an 'integrated resort', which probably is better than I can describe it!

We stopped going a few years back when our relatives moved back home, but we're now looking for other 'resort-type destinations' in Europe for a family holiday and want to know if anyone can recommend anything like Aphrodite Hills? There must be a comparable locations somewhere:

Self-catering villas / apartments in a 'village' format

Lots of pools to sit by and choose from

Central 'village' with restaurants, entertainment, gym, spa and other facilities

Within a short drive or walk to the beach

Looking for something 4 or 5 star as an experience

For some reason, we're really struggling to find any comparable resorts; it's as if nothing like it exists, which surely can't be correct. We don't want a hotel; we don't want to rent a villa in the middle of nowhere; what we want is to rent a villa on a resort with access to central facilities and entertainment.

Any ideas?