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National Park Trips Media

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As experts in national park travel, we inspire people to plan their dream vacations in the parks and on the roads to them.
Colter Bay Village and 5 more locationsYesterday
Details for star-filled stays, little-known facts, and the main attractions at 6 hotels and restaurants plus an island breakfast spot in Grand Teton National Park.
Lake McDonaldYesterday
Lake McDonald, located near the west entrance to Glacier National Park, is the largest lake in the park. Rent a canoe or kayak for an unforgettable experience. PC: Gregg Ohanian
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Fairyland Loop and 4 more locationsYesterday
Choose one of these day hikes for even more spectacular views, wildlife, and an up-close look at the park’s weird and wonderful geologic features. Trails vary from less than a mile to more than 8 miles, from easy to difficult. Click to see photos and video.
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South Campground and 4 more locationsYesterday
Will you fit through the Mt. Carmel tunnel? Here's what you need to know and whether or not you need a permit.
Gem LakeYesterday
Gem Lake on Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park is a favorite hike during spring and late fall because the short but steep trail gets full sun, while other shaded trails are snow-packed. Want a longer hike? Continue past the lake to balanced rock. PC: NPS/Jacob W Frank
Delicate Arch and 4 more locations7 Nov
Arches National Park has the distinction of having the largest concentration of natural arches in the world. See groups of arches clustered in areas off the scenic drive. #OnlyHere #DesertAdventure #WorldFamous #BucketList #BestHikingTrails #NationalPark
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Glacier Gorge Junction Trailhead6 Nov
No crowds here. Visit Rocky Mountain National Park in winter and you'll cross paths with few other travelers. Pictured is the Glacier Gorge Trail that winds past Alberta Falls. Stop in Estes Park to rent snowshoes for $5/day, then head for the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center right outside the park entrance to ask a ranger about trail conditions. PC: Gloria Wadzinski #WinterSolitude #OffTheBeatenPath #Snowshoeing #AdventureTravel #PeaceAndQuiet
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Hoh Rain Forest6 Nov
The Hall of Mosses Trail in Olympic National Park's Hoh Rain Forest is an easy, 1-mile family-friendly hike. The trailhead is near the visitors center and is one of three short trails that loop near each other among giant maples dripping with moss. #FamilyAdventure #rainforest #AutumnSplendor #BestHikingTrails #AdventureTravel #BringTheKids PC: Justin Bailey
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