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#1 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Christian took my friend Ally and I on a tour of the best places to climb along the coast!
Mike and the organization were exceedingly professional and positive, and I highly recommend taking a tour with them.
#2 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Overall this experience was worth every penny - if you're looking for something unique and memorable, a glider flight with Acadia Air Tours is highly recommended.
It was a little windy the day that we took our air tour, so the Airvan provided a less bouncy ride than the little Cessna that is also available for tours.
#3 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
He obviously loves doing these tours, helping others better their skills and all while making it fun to learn, and it shows during the tour with him.
He also managed to stay away from the large ship tours and give us time and space to capture our images.
#4 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
I learned more from him then I did on a 3 hour boat tour we took!
#5 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
The whale watch tours can be quite rough and very chilly.
We have done many tours and experiences on the coast of Maine and this is the top of our list.
#6 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
In the bay lessons and tours, they provide you with a wetsuit, which is part of the reasonable cost.
I highly recommend this tour - even if you are new to SUP - it was the highlight of our Bar Harbor stay!
#7 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
We have enjoyed Acadia park ranger tours and programs over the years, so we were a little skeptical about this private venture.
Self educated but provides up close tours to many PhD's studying at the marine research center.
#8 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Last week (Labor Day!) we were fortunate enough to have booked At Your Service Tours for a tour of Acadia Park by car, with Paul as our driver and it proved to be the highlight of our cruise trip.
Overall—independent tours are priced higher than ship shore excursions—but when you spread the cost of the tour across 3-5 passengers, the cost differences are minor and the benefits unparalleled.
#9 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Thanks National Park Sea Kayak Tours and many thanks to Brian and crew for the great job of making this adventure ROCK!
I would highly recommend this tour, Drew, who was a wonderful guide and the tour company, National Park Sea Kayak Tours, who delivered everything they advertised.
#10 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
... Bar Harbor lobstering birds great view of the harbor the gentleman that was conducting the tour very knowledgeable very pleasant to listen to what do other boat tours out of bar harbor very good very much fun
After extensive research, I found Acadian Tours and purchased tickets for a sunset fishing trip on the Islander and a nature cruise on the Acadian, and both were wonderful.
#11 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Our driver was excellent, knowledgeable of the area and shared the perfect amount of detail (he tours in Key West in the winter).
... be very busy and would recommend scheduling the tour in advance as cruise ships come to port every day, sometimes with addition of thousands of cruisers in the area with their advanced purchases of trolley tours.
#12 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Great fun, good tour of Frenchmans Bay
It is fun to have the fishing tour.
#13 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
... park itself has some lovely walks to explore and you find yourselves in a world of your own.The bus tours are excellent even though the next day we used our car to stop off at places of beauty that the bus pas...
We wanted to take a tour of Acadia National Park but all of the on-board cruise tour options were booked already, so we just wandered into town and found Acadia National Park Tours.
#14 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
We highly recommend Down East Nature tours for an introduction to the history and ecosystems of the island.
The "James Bond" of bird tours!
#15 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
They offer local (daily) Lighthouse tours and several specialty all day tours to many of the amazing lighthouses off the coast of Maine.
We went on the lighthouse tour and the whale watching tour and both tours were great to go on .
#16 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
We had an amazing time on this beautiful tour of the porcupine islands the park ranger was very informative
The Margaret Todd, a four-masted schooner, is a wonderful way to tour around Frenchman Bay.
#17 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Brian, of Coastal Kayaking tours, gave us one of the best kayaking trips we have been on in Maine.
Bill also guides bike tours around the island and he explained how the carriage trails were developed, who did what when and gave us far more about the history of the park that we would have learned on our own.
#18 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
We were so glad that the “Maine Foodie Tours” provided a fond memory for her birthday in Bar Harbor.
We love food tours as a way to get an overview of a new place and to taste local foods from local business owners.
#19 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
We even had an eagle grab a fish right near our boat!!! Sure you can choose all kinds of tours BUT it matters to have a knowledgeable captain who can take you to the birds of interest and the smaller sized boat en...
We chose to book a trip with Sea Venture Boat Tours because we felt that the larger boat tours available were less likely to provide for a rewarding personalized experience.
#20 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Great whale watch, and lighthouse tours
If you are worried about the price do your research on these tours it cost just about the same as the ferry ride to islands for day pass.
#21 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
This was for the Ranger-Led Hiking and Biking Tours thru Acadia National Park.
Rented a bike to tour the carriage trails: they were e very helpful in helping plan your ride by giving you a map, showing you suggestions, and telling you how to catch the bus to the park.
#22 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Birding is about so much more than just seeing a bird and Rich incorporates all of that into his tours- what types of habitat surrounds you gives clues to which birds you might see, bird behavior, bird songs, fiel...
I highly recommend doing the private tour with him and you can just do whatever you like and I'm sure it will be a memorable experience.
#23 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Great fun! Well done Acadia Park Kayak Tours!
After researching most of the kayak tours on the island, my friend and I settled on this one due to the great price ($45 a person for 3 hours) and the length, because many other providers have 4 hours tours as the...
#24 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Thank you, Acadian Boat Tours, for helping me to fulfill my dream of seeing a puffin and reminding me once again just how magical our little island home is.
The Somes Sound Fjord cruise was great at Casco Bay Tours!
#25 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Good job, Wild Iris Farm! Loved the tour!
Marc and Sandi were wonderful guides for the farm tour!
#26 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
The tour goes out around the local islands giving many opportunities to sea wild life on shore of the islands and the seals and porpoise in the harbor.
We had a great time and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.
#27 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
We had a short time to stay in Bar Harbor and we took two boat tours.
We took the nature tour around the bar and were treated to some delightful sights, including seals galore and three bald eagles--including a strikingly close-up view of one of these.
#28 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
We have been on tours before that were pathetic.
We had been to Bar Harbor two years ago and the Lighthouse cruise was one thing that we missed, so on this cruise ship sailing we decided to do this Lighthouse tour.We had seen Acadia coastline from land and I wan...
#29 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
Jennifer is a wonderful story teller and I highly recommend these tours.
We have been on quite a few ghost tours but found this by far one of the best due to our awesome guide Jennifer.
#30 of 46 Tours in Bar Harbor
We highly recommend MDI tours if you want a wonderful private tour of the Bar Harbor area for the great price of $60 per person.
From pointing out great places to eat, spectacular scenery, where to kayak, the history of the park and the surrounding area we were so glad we picked this tour.