Things to do in Abu Simbel

Top Things to Do in Abu Simbel

Things to Do in Abu Simbel

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  • Kensi
    20 contributions
    I absolutely loved this place and it was worth coming so far south to see and experience it.
    had a great chat with the ticket staff in the office who were so kind and gave me a cold drink which i badly needed as i was burned out from rushing there my eagerness to get to these temples,so before i even seen the temples the ticket experience was amazing,thank you so much!
    The temples themselves were nothing short of amazing especially when you get to know the full story,and how they were saved.
    All i can say is"thank Alla they were saved.
    The area around is well maintained with plenty of bins and very accessible with no steps,or climbing.
    and don't forget the sound and light show which is just as amazing and im sure Rames 3 is resting very easy now in his after-life...sweet dream o might Ramses!
    Written 16 July 2022
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  • Kensi
    20 contributions
    please do not leave Abu Simbel without doing this amazing sound and light show which is the best I've see and heard,
    don't be put off by the fact it may not be in your language as they give you a head-set for your given language,if you have your own headphones though,take and use them instead.
    The transformation is nothing short of mind-blowing,if you think these temples look amazing by day then you've got to see them at night,from the sound-track, to the imagery,to the illumination,to the atmosphere out-side under the stars,wow!wow!wow!
    bring a good camera if you have one as my phone camera didn't do it justice.
    i must say the Egyptians sure know how to do things and do them well
    if your buying souvenirs, Abu Simbol stall holders just beside the temples have the cheapest in Egypt,i learned that the hard way,so don't make the same mistake i made......
    Written 16 July 2022
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  • eLaReF
    Scotland, UK18,000 contributions
    We went by road. Not a mistake, since we didn't want the full Lake Nasser Cruise, but it was a bone-shaking, teeth-shattering drive getting there and a speedy drive through sand-drifts on the way back to ensure we didn't get stuck.
    It was an expensive trip - maybe they used half the fee to get the bus checked out afterwards!
    But if you have an interest, well worth it.
    The internal wall hieroglyphs have survived well and the faces on some of the external statues are different, if not unique
    Written 7 July 2022
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  • lizettekisses
    Quezon City, Philippines24 contributions
    For the celebration of our anniversary my husband and I chose Egypt as the next country to visit. We love to travel. My husband was skeptical about the safety in Egypt. Originally we will just be visiting Cairo. Since we are already there I insisted that I also want see Aswan, also part of Egypt but an hour away by flight. At first my husband didn’t want the idea since Abu Simbel is in the border of Sudan. Again he is skeptical with safety. A day before the trip I was able to convince my husband to go to Aswan and see Abu Simbel.
    I read a lot of reviews about how people will hassle you in Egypt if you do not do your research. I learned a lot that some people offers favors but in the end will ask for the tip especially to tourists. I will now share how I planned the trip. Our stay in Cairo is from Feb 14-18, 2019
    1. I booked Le Meridien Airport Hotel - which has a connection bridge/tube from the airport. Most genius plan I made! Upon landing in Cairo we got straight to hotel by just walking thru the bridge. Thats how fast, easy and hassle free no need to take any taxi or talk to strangers to ask for help.
    2. I booked with RAMASSIDE TOURS- best decision ever. I booked them ofcourse weeks before our trip. They are professionals, friendly and fast. Their tour operator Nadia was very nice and accommodating she answered all my inquiries fast and accurate. They speak very good too. Easy to understand. They also have a live chat just in case you have some sudden questions in mind and need a fast response it was one of the best thing this company has! LIVE Chatting with them.
    3. Just upon arrival in Cairo. Since we got enough sleep from our long flight we walked straight to our hotel about 15mins only. Upon checking in to our hotel their tour guide Ahmed is already waiting at the lobby to start our day tour. They are punctual! On time. We checked in and took a fast shower then went to start the tour. One thing I noticed the car of Ramasside company was SUPER CLEAN, comfortable and airconditioned. Ahmed was very polite, knowledgeable and friendly too. He assisted us in every way he can even taking photos for us. Day 1 we went to the Egyptian museum.
    4.Day 2 We went to Memphis, Sakkara and lastly Pyramids of Giza and Sphynx.
    5.Day 3 We flew from Cairo to Aswan. Upon arrival in the airport it was around 8am the tour guide from Ramasside is already waiting for us outside as soon as we were out..he has a signage of our names written in a paper so he is very easy to find. So convenient too. We love him as he was super nice also. His name is also Ahmed. Very nice knowledgeable man too. He took us to High dam scenery. Then we sailed to Philae Temple. It was a beautiful and amazing temple. The experience was extremely fantastic. Then finished our day checked in to our hotel around 4pm in Aswan and overnight.
    6.Day 4 Ahmed and the driver picked us up from the hotel at 0345am for our 3hrs drive to Abu Simbel. Before leaving hotel the hotel has already prepared packed breakfast for us and we can also take coffee from their restaurant. Again the car is very clean and comfortable. Arrived in the majestic Abu Simbel at around 8am. We were the first one to arrive in the temple so we got the nicest photos without anyone at the background. Unbelievably majestic! Left around 1030am to catch our flight back to Cairo. We love all our tour guides as he was very kind to us.

    Before my review ends this is what I learned from our trip
    1.Egypt is SAFE! There are police almost everywhere very protective to all the visiting tourists. As tourism is a very big source of income to their country. So they do all what they can to assist visitors.
    2.Egyptian people are very warm and welcoming especially those ones from the airport, hotels and tour guides. They are trained because tourism is one of their biggest sources of income in their country. But as piece of advice to avoid hassles just don’t to talk to anyone else. Other people will try to offer you with souvenirs etc if you dont have plans to buy just ignore so they won’t hassle you. Just follow your tour guide’s advice and everything will come out smooth and enjoyable.
    3. Good food, February weather is still cold.

    Hope my review can help a lot for those of who plans to visit Egypt soon. Enjoy!
    Written 28 February 2019
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  • jnikhilesh
    mumbai87 contributions
    The nile cruise was a amazing experience. The hot air Ballon ride was really the icing on the cake. A terrific view one gets on the Ballon ride
    Written 27 December 2021
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