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Tabiat Bridge
#2 of 157 things to do in Tehran
This bridge joins two parks of the city, LOTS of activities around for kids and adults, planetarium, lakes, walking, skate parks, kids playground ... The bridge itself is great architecture, modern , it brings mod...
Park around bridge is kids friendly (esprcially west side from bridge) Park has kids friendly zones including some water facility where kids can play (a lot of kids are having fun especially summer time!
Jamshidieh Stone Garden
#3 of 157 things to do in Tehran
perfect weather + nice structures make this garden a very good choice to have good times with friends and family.
It is very big park in North of Tehran and near the mountain,it has a small waterfall and a nice pool and ground fully furnished by stones,it is good for big groups of friends or families for picnics
#6 of 157 things to do in Tehran
So scenic and a wonderful place to go and chill out and drink tea in the wonderful tea houses ..Its very busy with iranian folk with there families on there days of from work...Also really nice to have a meal with...
Several restaurants lining the riverside, a cool mountain breeze in the evening, friends & family for company & delicious Iranian fare - what more can one ask for.
Mellat Park
#13 of 157 things to do in Tehran
A tranquil oasis, beautiful laid out with green spaces and water features, this park attracts families and young couples alike.
The flowers, the beautiful trees, the statues, the stairs, the beautiful people, lovely kids running around...
Valiasr Street
#12 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Still gives me a great pleasure to talk about it with family and friends and even with complete strangers.
Laleh Park
#16 of 157 things to do in Tehran
It's the Best Park of Tehran, It's clean and Beautiful with old trees and green grass, Laleh Park is suitable for : - Breathing fresh air - Walking & Jugging - Playing Games - Sports - Take a walk with Children -...
It’s a big park, nice trees and flowers every where...there is a play ground there for kids and adults.
Ab-o-Atash Park
#21 of 157 things to do in Tehran
if you come to Tehran , you must see this park , there are many kinds of fun there , from the fountains that make kids to play until horses and other fantastic activities , there is also a place for skate board fa...
It's a huge park where people can come for a stroll with partners, families, children and friends!
Mount Tochal
#4 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Milad Tower
#14 of 157 things to do in Tehran
There is a very beautiful and diverse collection for families.There are concert halls, exhibitions, cinemas, restaurants, dolphinarium, paintball, shopping malls and seasonal festivals.
The dolphinarium makes this visit more interesting for children and the museum can familiarize everyone with the Iranian culture and well known people in art, literature and etc.
Niavaran Historical Cultural Complex
#11 of 157 things to do in Tehran
You can see the simple life style of the royal family of iran and many gifts from other countries to the king... the garden and the cafe are also enjoyable
During the reign of the Pahlavi Dynasty, a modern built mansion named Niavaran House was built for the imperial family of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
Moghadam Museum
#8 of 157 things to do in Tehran
A small palace that helps to understand how the riched lived but it is different that the important palaces around Iran, as it was a normal family who lived in it.
i visit this house hree times its so attractive the ticket is cheap but its few hard to find it .Dr Moghadam and his wife at the fist of marriage decide to dont have children and they did it , at the end of his li...
Palladium Mall
#27 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Every time I come here I enjoy everything.The best part is the food court and if you want a delicious fast food go to Burger Factory.It has a big toy store for children too.Enjoy your visit.
here anyone can spend a fascinating time with their families or friends.
Kourosh Complex
#36 of 157 things to do in Tehran
it's huge , well designed , very chick , neat and clean with a nice fun park for kids.
overall good shopping mall, hypermarket, cinema, and kids playground
Golestan Palace
#5 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Visit with my family today... great history.. Amazing art.. Hopefully they can take care of this place as a one of the best and great historical place in Iran
Fantastic A historical place that carry ' on history of about 200 years of royal family of ghajar and pahlavi in Iran and first 5 floor bulging in Iran
National Botanical Garden
#29 of 157 things to do in Tehran
A great place to visit and to spend a beautiful day with friends or family whenever you decide to have a glimpse of pure nature.
I visit this place with some of my friends,and we had a kid around 2 years old (in Carriage), its a good place to visit during the April and may,its better to have some bottle of water some snacks ,use cap and sun...
Tochal Complex
#26 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Since we had children we opted for cable car.
Sadabaad Palace
#10 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Sadabad Palace and Complext built in Pahlavi era The complex was first inhabited by Qajar monarchs and royal family in the 19th century.
Important building include Mellat Palace, Shahvand Palace, House of Ahmed Shah Qajar, Black House, House of Ashraf, House of Shams and many other small palaces belonging to various relatives / children of Shah of...
Nahjol Balaghe Park
#44 of 157 things to do in Tehran
There's a little theme park and lots of little playgrounds for kids.
It is a good place for walking with your family and friends.
Tehran Metro
#25 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Tehran Bird Garden
#42 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Kids enjoyed it very much.
If you have a kid don't miss it.
Sa'ee Park
#43 of 157 things to do in Tehran
can visit a small bird zoo which it is very interesting for children.
This park is attractive to all. it has water fountain, ping pong tables and kids playground.
Shemshak Ski Resort
#41 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Park e Shahr
#48 of 157 things to do in Tehran
Khalij Fars Lake
#51 of 157 things to do in Tehran
great place to visit with friends/family centred in the park is a large lake with boat riding facility; a very well developed surroundings with BBQ facilties; children's play areas, food shops, etc.
this place is know as "Chitgar Lake" or in Persian : " Daryache Chitgar" its a big clean park complex , with all facilities , restaurants, coffee shop , fast foods, washrooms , playground for children , alcoves ,...