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The National Jewelry Treasury
#1 of 59 Museums in Tehran
it is one of the best museums in iran , old jewelry from nations shows iran empire as the oldest and excellent .
There are so many big and small museums around the city to visit and learn about the history.
Golestan Palace
#2 of 59 Museums in Tehran
Located in the heart of old Tehran just near to Grand Bazar of Tehran, this is complex of palaces and museums so by visiting this complex you will understand the most of Qajar era history whenever you travel to Ir...
Different types of buildings & architecture, materials, museums & galleries.
Sadabaad Palace
#3 of 59 Museums in Tehran
you can visit different museums: Mellat Palace Museum (White Palace), Fine art museum, Green palace museum, Master Behzad, and Master Mir-Emad and... Also, you can find yourself between a huge garden that fills wi...
When you enter, you will feel the greatness of this place and there are so many small museums inside where you can see various things about the kings family and the Queen
Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran
#4 of 59 Museums in Tehran
Located at the heart of Tehran and close to other museums, this is a great place to see an old villa and plenty of antique jewelry and glassware.
The ceramics also dated back millenia and are similar to that seen in major museums.
Moghadam Museum
#5 of 59 Museums in Tehran
One of the best museums in the city!
Atmosphere of the museum is wonderful, garden with pond full of lotus, coffees hop with a view of pool, full of relaxation.
Reza Abbasi Museum
#6 of 59 Museums in Tehran
My tour was to take me to a variety of predictable museums and I did enjoy the National Museum.
As this collection was relatively small and extremely high-quality, this was truly one of our favorite museum experiences in all of Iran - helped enormously by the knowledge of our excellent hired guides.
National Museum of Iran
#7 of 59 Museums in Tehran
The photography are incredible, so lively, At the end there is a map of the museum and its surroundings , it also recommends other museums to visit, if you need to travel by an underground metro, it states the sub...
I have been to all world famous museums - from Liuvre to Hermitage to MOMA in New York...and this museum (or better say both museums) are world class museums!
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
#8 of 59 Museums in Tehran
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art established in 1977 is among the largest museums in Iran.
A wonderful Contemporary ART Museum in Middle East Memorable architecture Superb Art Masterpiece amphitheater & Cafe
Carpet Museum of Iran
#9 of 59 Museums in Tehran
one of the most amazing museums of Tehran,the capital.
if you love classic arts ... if you love get far a little from modernity and if you want to experience something dreamy go to this museum and enjoy it , also if you even just love modernity , have a look there , y...
Cinema Museum
#10 of 59 Museums in Tehran
The Iranian cinema museum is one of the museums in Tehran province located in the garden of Ferdows.
The museum is housed in a lovingly restored 19th-century mansion set in a lovely, quiet park in north Tehran that doubles as a lively retreat for the city's young arts community, who congregate at the popular coff...
Negarestan Garden
#11 of 59 Museums in Tehran
So if you are planning to visit an ART museum(with beautiful paintings) and than have a traditional dish too at a restaurant in the garden itself or maybe to visit a modern cafe i would highly recommend you to go...
that was here Gajar King hostel after many years here changed for first University of Fine Arts now days here use for art gallery museum after u visit garden u can take coffee at Negarestan cafe
Islamic Revolution & Holy Defense Museum
#12 of 59 Museums in Tehran
My favourite military museums previously were in Moscow, but this one is newer and therefore uses great modern technology to illustrate everything.
one of the best museums I've ever seen
Iranian Artists Forum
#13 of 59 Museums in Tehran
Time Museum
#14 of 59 Museums in Tehran
The breakfast buffet is suitable for almost all kinds of tastes.The price is reasonable.The atmosphere is great.You can enjoy visiting the time museum after having your breakfast.
As the name "Time Museum" suggests, the museum houses a collection of old watches and clock.
Malek National Library and Museum
#15 of 59 Museums in Tehran
It is modern and resembles European museums.
... of stamps,coins, carpets, textiles and home appliances in other floors.Also there is a hall of Kamal-ol- Molk paintings.It took me near 3 hours to visit the museum .It has a library too.The ticket is very cheap.
Iranian Art Museum Garden
#16 of 59 Museums in Tehran
You can enjoy walking in garden and visit small shops sale stone and etc . in front of Iranian Art Museum Garden in Dr.Hessabi museum house you can enjoy it too .
... restaurants coffee restaurants serve breakfast,lunch,dinner this place is good place for lovers and friends gathering in coffee shop this place is in front of the Dr.Hesabi museum Dr.Hesabi museum closed at 4PM
Music Museum
#17 of 59 Museums in Tehran
It is one of the museums that will bring knowledge to your mind and serenity to your heart in the same time.
this is a unique museum and it is full of old Gramophone cassettes and music instruments and the oldest masterpieces of Persian music.
The Post & Communications Museum
#18 of 59 Museums in Tehran
this museum is near Imam Khomaini Metro station and even the name of the alley is Post!!!! this is telling the story of Post, Telegraph & Telephone in Iranian history.
The cousin of a friend works in the museum so we got a free tour.
Ebrat Museum
#19 of 59 Museums in Tehran
This museum provides a useful contrast between the ancient and modern history of Iran, and also an interesting challenge to typical western propaganda against the Iranian state.
Turn SAVAK (secrete police of Shah of Iran) torture cell into Museum.
Green Palace Museum
#20 of 59 Museums in Tehran
you can use golf car from the entrance of complex to the Green Palace Museum.
Vaziri Caved Museum
#21 of 59 Museums in Tehran
It is located outside Tehran in the mountains so you can get fresh air and enjoy the beautiful outdoors around this little museum.
you should go to Lavasan in North East of Tehran and go from Lavasan to Bujan. in the way of Bujan you will get to the cave museum.
Omidvar Brothers Museum
#22 of 59 Museums in Tehran
It is one of Sa'adabad Palace's museums which is located in the far northwest of the property.
This museum is in Saadabad palace complex its a museum of two adventurous brothers who went around the world 70 years ago ... Their stuff and pics and things that they bring from their travel are in this museum as...
Bank Melli Iran Museum
#23 of 59 Museums in Tehran
Fantastic museum of first Stablished Iranian Bank with roots in history where coins were made and circulated .
Everybody there is very warm welcome us to visit this well organised one floor museum.
Masoudieh palace
#24 of 59 Museums in Tehran
Iran Science Park
#25 of 59 Museums in Tehran
The top level is a more like a children's science museum which had 2 sections: one for smaller children and one for teenage kids.
Tehran Peace Museum
#26 of 59 Museums in Tehran
It is certainly much smaller than other, shinier museums in Tehran, but it is being run with much passion by people who really care.
Bank Sepah Museum
#27 of 59 Museums in Tehran
great for everyone,The museum has treasure of alot old coin and has gallery of paint by famous painter s
It's not a big museum but it is outstanding and hopefully free to visit.
Golkar Art Gallery
#28 of 59 Museums in Tehran
Nishapur plate replicas around 40USD), attention is very kind and gentle, and location is very convenient, just next to Ceramics Museum and close to Bastan National Museum.
Museum of the Royal albums and documents of Sa'dabad
#29 of 59 Museums in Tehran
Admission fee 150,000 and a main museum another 150,000
Shohada Museum
#30 of 59 Museums in Tehran