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This is one of the best museums in Moundsville!!!
Unusual and unique museum which documents historical insight into death and dying - the owner and curator Stephen Hummell is knowledgeable and personable.
I happened to see a billboard saying something about a glass museum.
Very educational and one of the best museums we've visited
This is a great museum for learning about West Virginia history--way nicer than other state museums I've seen.
The mine, museums, 8+ buildings from coal mines across WV including a superindent's house, school, church, miner's shanty, miner's family home, etc give an excellent overview of the life of miners and their famili...
The museum had great artifacts, Marvin gave an EXCELLENT tour of the mine itself ; and all the staff were knowledgeable about the outbuildings which were authentic mine-era buildings painstakingly restored and bro...
The highlight is certainly the Green Bank Telescope (or GBT, aka Great Big Thing), whose saucer is the size of 2 football fields, but the kid-friendly museum is worth a visit, as well as the soft-serve ice cream.
Bus tours of the area, wonderful museum, even has a cafe and a great little museum gift shop.
Mothman Museum Point Pleasant
I enjoyed the Mothman Museum - lots of interesting info, exhibits and pictures, great statues/replicas of the Mothman and Men in Black, interesting show playing on the TV...a lot to take in!
If ever in the area, a visit to the intimate museum is great value and definitely worth the time.
There is a three part feature... see them blow the glass step by step, visit the museum about historical aspects and traditions, and then there is the gift shop.
They have a glass museum upstairs that details the history and pieces that are beautiful.
We had a wonderful and nostalgic trip viewing the works of an industry that has meant so much to West Virginia.. We certainly recommend this gem of a museum that chronicles the history of glass making and provides...
this is a wonderful museum with a timeless collection of the wonderful glass products made in our country!
Our tour guide was very patient and well versed on the history of the North House Museum and the history of Lewisburg as well.
Meanwhile, we found time to visit the Greenbrier Historical Society and North House Museum at 301 West Washington Street, only a few steps from Boutique Row.
Tamarack Beckley
The craftsmanship of things on display for sale or in their museum is top notch -- expensive because it's handmade by experts.
This is like a museum of local Artisans' handiwork.
Great tour of the Mansion and Glass Museums
The museum presented the history of glass making in the Wheeling area from the early 19th century through to the mid 20th century, preserving the history of this craft which was well established in this part of th...
This museum offers a truly unique experience for the visitor and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves museums, history, or American culture.
One of the best open air museums I've seen
I like the museums art and I especially like the garden area.
And I thought art museums were boring.
My family and I stopped in at the Depot for a few minutes before venturing to a museum down the street, and the staff was very friendly and helpful.
It is lovely and has a train museum and a store.
rated one of the #1 River Museums to visit.
I really enjoyed this museum - lots of history about life on the river, including insights into life during different eras in American history.
Clay Center Charleston
There is new management at the Clay Center - someone who has experience in children's museums and he has brought his experience to create new exhibits in Charleston.
Of their later things they have a truly beautiful and atmospheric watercolour by John Singer Sargent of pine woods and though it is easy to be disparaging about any local art museum’s home collection, the work of...
Great Museum, Great Fun!
This museum is so worth a visit if you're ever in the area of Wheeling.
Blennerhassett Museum Parkersburg
Enjoyed an hour or so in the museum, getting an overview of historical artifacts from the area, including an amazing array of early history items in the downstairs.
This is a thoroughly fascinating museum, it's jam packed with lots of quirky historical artefacts and pearls of knowledge.
The museum is so incredibly well done with an amazing array of historical artifacts from radio and technology.
This is an amazing museum, and you can see it for just a donation amount that you chose yourself.
The museum has something for everyone, Roman coins to fossils, American Indian artifacts to African art, from American Revolution firearms to historic household items.
I would highly recommend this museum to anyone, of any age.
Great tour was given and it being a private non-profit museum you are allowed to touch everything (unlike the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Museum down the road) Fascinating stories behind the scene of life in a co...
This unique museum is owned by such a family and has been built upon first hand accounts of life within the coal mining villages.
B & O Roundhouse Martinsburg
There is also an exceptional childen's American History museum on the site, complete with costumes to try on and a tunnel to crawl through.
John Brown Wax Museum Harpers Ferry
This is a Must See in Harper's Ferry, Here's why; Instead of seeing hundreds of wall plagues explaining so many things ( like all the other museums have ) here at the wax museum you will visually see what took pla...
I loved this quaint and quirky wax museum.
We have visited military museums all over the world -- some large and some small -- and this one highlights the contributions and sacrifices of our military for the entire time of America's existence.
I only hope that younger generations visit museums like this to realize the true cost of freedom.
A Very Large Museum, Full of Local History
The Museum was closed for the season when we visited, but we looked through the windows and saw what promises to be an enjoyable, enlightening visit when we return to visit friends who live in Glade Springs, WV.
I watched two very engaging videos at the museum, studied the exhibits and the art gallery, made purchases at the quaint gift shop and was even invited to a local event by some of the affable town folks.
The Replica Depot Museum is the place to go to learn the history and mystique of this rugged, bucolic area.
I've been through more house museums than I can count, and this was a good one.
The museum staff should get a big well done offering such a clean environment, with an amazing collection, and unique first class furnishings.
Gerald is a walking encyclopedia of all the artifacts in the museum.
We stopped here & expected a small museum with little to look at.