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Redlin Art Center Watertown
This Redlin Museum and Grounds are Spectacular!
A free museum featuring the works of the popular midwest painter Terry Redlin.
One of the premier music museums in the world
For anyone interested in musical instruments or the history of music or just seeing the products of extraordinary craftsmen, the National Music Museum is worth a long journey.
Akta Lakota Museum Chamberlain
I'd suggest that you visit small museums that are located right on reservations--they're priceless, often full of really interesting artifacts and run by the locals.
This is one of the best Native American museums.
Wades Gold Mill Hill City
The museum was very unique and cool too!
We didn't do the mining museum tour but perhaps would come back another time when we could fit that in.
Very neat and interesting place to visit the museums were fascinating feeding the fish was fun.
We visited the museum that had a quick, informative video about the history of the hatchery (really recommend this - very interesting) and they have a scavenger hunt the kids can complete for free fish food.
Certainly this is a for profit retail shop with amazing art and unique regional things, BUT it is also virtually a museum with an amazing collection of beads and beadwork.
Beautiful store - like a free museum - and BEST PLACE TO BUY GIFTS!!!!
I so enjoyed seeing the context of the bone bed, as most museums only show mounted skeletons divorced from the fossil quarry.
From the film at the start of the tour where you learn about how this site was created to the jaw dropping tour, museum and gift shop, we spent much longer than anticipated and would definitely love to return!
Museum of Geology Rapid City
It's a smaller museum on a college campus, but they have an impressive collection that would make other museums jealous.
Located in the South Dakota School of Mines this small but informative museum is a perfect place to learn about the geologic formations that make up the area that includes the Badlands, Black Hills and Mt.
... and the staff so generous with their time - talking one and one with inquisitive kids and adults, and so knowledgeable (leading us around to things of interest, recommending books, resources, other museums).
The little museum will rival many larger museums for quality, variety and presentation.
This is a wonderful museum with a great display of Native American life and artistry.
My wife made note that while we were in Washington D.C. we visited the Native American History Museum, this experience was much more authentic and enjoyable
As an aficionado of aviation museums (seen Naval, SAC, USAF, Air-n-Space, Duxford) I can tell you this place punches WAY above its weight!
One of the BEST air museums I've been to!
I had seen the equipment before in other museums but to see it in situ was moving and interesting.
If you're headed west afterward, we stumbled upon a hourly bus tour of the Ellsworth AFB from the South Dakota Air and Space Museum including a guided walk into the training missile silo on base to get a sense of...
Adams House Deadwood
They participate in the North American Reciprocal Museums (NARM), so membership in one of those museums allows for free admission.
Our family tours house museums across the US.
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There were museums, handmade gifts, suvinere shops, restaurant, wishing well and live presentations.
For anyone visiting local heritage and history museums, this is one more step in the learning.
Terrific free museum with amazing displays about the Homestake mine (with shafts more than a mile deep), the Black Hills Gold rush, the decline of mining and the new use for the site -- scientific experiments.
This museum is free and filled with wonderful information about the gold mine and about its new use as an underground science lab! the lady working there today was so knowledgable and friendly.
Adams Museum Deadwood
Sometimes local history museums can feel like an effort by locals to make mountains out of artifact molehills.
I've become a fan of local museums and the Adams Museum lives up to my expectations.
Washington Pavilion Sioux Falls
We stopped in to the kids museum and played for a few hours and it was interesting for adults and children alike.
The interactive museum is something my grandchildren love to spend hours here.
A diverse informative collection of museums providing a large variety of exhibits and interactive activities.
The Pioneer Museum has artifacts used by mountain men, miners, and pioneers - tools, guns, dresses, household items, saddles, a carriage, toys, photographs of famous and infamous people who lived in the area, and...
We visited Tatanka, Story of the Bison in early October 2017 - the museum is captivating, the sculptored bisons, horses and their native american riders splendid.
Kevin Costner built this wonderful museum to honor the bison (buffalo, tatanka) and the Native American Indians who roamed the South Dakota plains after the bison (they used all parts of the bison for their susten...
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On my travels back from South Dakota on my motorcycle I stop buy Pioneer Museum it was quite amazing to see all the different selection of cars and antique memorabilia unlike other car museums that are inside one...
I love the great collections and museums and shows and cruises.
I think this museum is every bit as good as museums for children in larger cities.
Most Children's museums I go to are a mess and often have a lot of broken areas and exhibits.
its a museum with a bar!!! saw dust on the floor live entertainment and a casino all in one!!! you can stop by and walk around get a cold beer watch Wild Bill play cards and get shot!!
Was great to have a look around the museum afterwards at all the old pictures and artefacts.
After the Bikers Blessing the local Constabulary led the ride out of town towards the Black Hills National Cemetary we helped the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum staff and volunteers take down the bunting, tables and ch...
Fantastic collection of early motorcycles in a friendly museum
This is one of the best curated museums I've been to.
I love museums that aren't just for looking, because I have a four-year-old.
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Old Courthouse Museum Sioux Falls
One of the Better Local History Museums I Have Been To
The museum has numerous displays providing interesting insights into the history of Sioux Falls and the settling of eastern South Dakota.
The history lesson that is provided at this museum will leave an impact of patriotism on anyone's heart.
I thoroughly enjoyed this museum.
My grandkids love to visit the zoo - so many different animals, and a nice place to eat, so many neat things to see in the Delbridge Museum of Natural History.
We walked the entire zoo and museum in a little over two hours at a leisurely pace and spent quite a bit of time with the Rhinos and Giraffes.
Make sure to go to the Minuteman Missile Museum and if possible make reservations to tour Delta 01.
Need to stop here along with the Museum located at different exit off 90.
This place combines the greatness of wax museums with the fun of American history!
We found this museum to be very interesting for history buffs as well as everyday Americans.
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